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hit a wall

i have a 4.0 sohc v6 and im at the point where i dont know what else i can do to make it faster. i have the cat back, the intake and the chip, and i tweaked the voltage on the throttle body for better response. what else can i do to make it fast? has anyone added after market pullies? is there a after market throttle body for the SHOC at all?

~in need of speed

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follow Aldives lead. he has made huge HP gains with his mods

Electric fan is good bang for the buck.

Camshafts I always heard made way more power gains than any of the other stuff.

Or just go crazy and swap in a 5.0, then you get to do all those previous mods again!

Not sure there are custom grind cams avail for the SOHC, what a bit&^ that would be to install on that engine, mine as well pull it out.

i think you want to upgrade to metal pullies and timing chains (plastic timing chains? or did i make that up?) before you do anything else.

i dont know really anything bout the SOHC engines, but thats what i hear as being the weakest link with them.

What axle ratio are you running? Swaping to a lower ratio will not make the truck faster, but it will make it feel faster with better acceleration.

Creager, I think it's the guides/tensioners that are made of plastic. It's hard to make a heavy truck fast, especially when you add the hurdle of muddrs and a lift. Yoiu may want to consider an oversize tire with an all season style tread that is lighter, and has less rolling resistance.