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December 8, 2007
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Im having problems finding a hitch for a sport trac at my local auto shops, all they seem to carry is for explorers, and f-150s. Now I KNOW that one off of a explorer wont fit, I already tried, :( my friend wrecked his and I took it off, but I would have had to cut and weld to get it to fit my ST. (close fit though.) Now would one for a ranger work?

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Hidden Hitch is top-shelf, I had one on my previous '05 Trac. If a place near you carries them they should be able to order it if they don't have it in stock.

I got mine from u haul. they had it on the shelf, but the funny thing is they will sell you ahitch but will not rent you a trailer for explorer based vehicles.
In this pic you can see where I cut it shorter so it looks better with my body lift. It also has all 3 bolts in place too.


I did make one off a 2nd gen Ex fit my ST. It took lots of grinding on the bottom of the rear bumper to do it and would not recomend it. I would not have done it but I had nothing in the hitch and could not beat that price.

I too bought one from Uhaul, and it is a nice tube style one like the Hidden Hitch was. If I remember correctly it was similarly priced to the one on eBay Mbrooks420 posted, though I could be wrong about that (it was a birthday gift).


i bought one from a stealership...

its hidden very well...


I found mine on the Uhaul website. $135 free shipping. Fit perfect.