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Hitchhikingmike's Explorer

Like clockwork, the rear bearing went bad. I had just finished a bunch of other car work, just had surgery, its below freezing out, dont have a 10ton press and I just don't have the energy, time nor will to do it. Pepboys took care of it for me and did the job in just a few hours, same day.

I had just gotten new A/T tires and thought the howling sound came form the new tread, boy I was wrong. Put the rear end in the air and spun the wheel, the one hub was grinding. The hub was not loose or wobbling though. It wasn't loud, but could be heard.

I had my mechanic save the old bearings. Here is what they look like. Perhaps the bearings had just seen too many mountains. (made in Canada)


I'm now enjoying a quite ride again, right in time for another 500 mile road trip the following day! I just don't ever let the Explorer catch a break, it just keeps going and going. The wide open highway is what it knows the best. :cool:

UPDATE- fuel economy from the 500mi. trip was 22.3mpg with an average speed of 68mph with mild hills.

Here's a video of the Explorer on the beach from a year ago. My friend is driving the ex.