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July 4, 2007
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BFE, Illinois
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94 Limited
So, last night I had a few too many beers :bdrunk: and picked up a really cheap 94 Explorer Limited. It's going to need some major work to be a good vehicle, but I have hopes!

I'll be asking tons of questions as I fix this thing up. I am somewhat mechanically inclined, and have a sweetie who will help me (whether he likes it or not!) :rolleyes:

Glad to find a place that I can find some help! :thumbsup:

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Hey Nettie -- welcome to ExplorerForum .. for um.. for ummmm.. for net and ties.. net+ties.. yeah!
BTW I'm your Senator -- kthxbye

Welcome to Explorer Forum!

BFE, Illinois

Do you live in Peoria by chance?

Welcome to this forum!

Do you live in Peoria by chance?

Nope, but I'm only about a half hour from there... out in the country, where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous. :p:

I think they are nervous in Chico Ca also--from what I hear--

Welcome to this forum! I remember that picture. Froader posted it about a year and a half ago.