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hmm, unreal!!!!!!!!!

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I like using starter fluid.. and take the valve stem core out. If you don't the tire will collapse on itself if you don't get air into it fast enough.

course, with a powertank, you may not need this method.


lol, i thought they might of used some sort of trick,, would this actually hold? Or would the tire go back down w/ in a few mins?

It doesn't fill the tire, it just reseats the bead. You still need to put air in it.. and if you dont' do it fast enough with the valve core in it will pop the bead again as it collapses on itself.


ah, okay that's what i was thinking. I couldnt see a way that it would filled up, but still a great idea i guess if you had to resort to that!

i had to do that one time when i was out on the trail with my '79 ram charger with 33x12.50's on it .....worked great but i did'nt have a compressor but i got the tire reseated .