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Hokie's '98 Mounty Elite Registery

1998 Mercury Mountaineer
5.0L V8
4R70W auto tranny
Factory skid plates
Tan leather interior
Reese 2" Class IV hitch

All clean after I bought the truck from my dad:


The planning quickly began:


My two favorite wheelin' pics from the 2007 Labor Day Ouray, CO CCR



Thule/Yakima roof rack (removable ski and kayak attachments)
Allen rear hitch mounted, folding, pivot down 3 bike carrier
Lund Bug Deflector
WeatherTec WeatherFlectors (front windows)
Auto Vent Shade Sunroof deflector
Tan AutoZone front rubber floor mats
Tan Husky rear cargo liner
Rewired fogs to stay on with highbeams and parking lights
Pro Comp 55 W fogs in factory location (stock fogs didn't work with the 3" BL)
KC Slim Lites 100W driving lens (behind grille)
Uniden CB mounted in center console
K40 Superflex 4' antenna on tail light mount
3" BL {front} sloped to 2" BL {rear} ~ the goal was to fit a 32"/33" tire without touching the torsion bars
Extended all front breathers to firewall, rear axle breather behind tail light
Lots of rear stickers :thumbsup:

Mac intake
Dynomax 2.5" exhaust with 3" chrome exhaust tip :cool:
4406 Manual 4x4 transfer case (BEST MOD YET!)
4.10 Gears {EDIT} Back to 3.73's as of 3/31. 4.10's were too low for 32" tires, didn't figure I would go to 33's
Warrior shackles
Explorer Express rear swaybar
265/75R16 Bridgestone Dueler AT REVO tires

Alpine 7995 CD/MP3 HU with powered iPod aux input
Sony Mobile ES Gold 45x4 RMS
2 - 16' Street Wires Esoteric RCA's
Alpine Type R 6.75" Components (Front)
Alpine Type R 5x7/6x8 Coaxials (Rear)
Blaupunkt 10" sub
Q Logic cargo panel box

Front window tint to match rear windows
PA speaker under hood
Message Center install
'88 S10 front tow hooks custom mounted between frame rails, sticking through slot in bumper
Front custom skid plate
Custom belly/engine skid
Rock sliders
Rear SOA (maybe)
255/85R16 Big O Big Foot X/T or Cooper Discovery S/T

Long term:
T5 swap when 4R70W craps out?

Design Intern ~ Honda R&D, Americas 2003
Co-op Engineer ~ Robert Bosch Corporation 2004-2005
BS, Mechanical Engineering ~ Virginia Tech 2006
High Horsepower Service Engineer ~ Cummins, Inc 2006-2007
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering ~ Colorado State
Gaseous Alternative Fuels Composition Research

AOL SN: Yeup (Always on, feel free to hit me up)

And a few random pics of me :)

First pic added by Section525



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    Me and shark.jpg
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  • me infront of Komatsu 830e.jpg
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Cool pics, hokiebert!

... i was really starting to relate to you till i seen richard simmon's. lol...i have seen that pic of you before under the truck but the richard simmon's pic, some one just due that to it recently??? :scratch:

Cool pics, hokiebert!

You *******... how'd you change my Elite registry? :p:

... i was really starting to relate to you till i seen richard simmon's. lol...i have seen that pic of you before under the truck but the richard simmon's pic, some one just due that to it recently??? :scratch:

Section made that pic of me about 2-3 years ago... If you notice its a pic of me under my old Sport. He musta used his powers to change my elite registry. There was another pic that I posted of me and my ex-gf and Section photo-cropped.. lemme see if I can find it.

EDIT: Here's the thread: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82547

Good times: Section I hate you, LoL :p:

Here's the original pic from the thread:

And here's Section's dirty work: ;)