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Hola, speaker and CD changer Q's


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November 1, 2012
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Melbourne, Florida
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2002 Ford Explorer Sport
Well, my name is Andy. I drive a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. Bone stock, just shy of 81.5k, with a dud speaker and CD player with that "CD Error" message.

I heard that my generation 6 CD changer (stock) doesn't like CD-Rs, and while I had been playing a single CD-R for a couple weeks, when I put a second CD in (not a CD-R this time), I changed the discs one time (the second disc played fine), when I went to switch back to the first disc the CD Error prompt came up and I have been unable to do anything with the CD player since that. No idea what to do with this issue as I can't change, eject, load, or play discs.

The dud speaker thing: passenger side, rear speaker (behind the back seat) makes a rattling noise at no particular point in a songs frequency. It's completely random, but some days it won't stop doing it. That makes me think it is a wiring issue, but apparently it sounds like a blown speaker. Thoughts?


I hope to somehow get a picture of the car on here for your wondering eyes satisfaction.

I got the small panel off that hides the rear speaker, and the rubber element on the speaker had (I assume) dry rotted and was no longer there. Now that I know the speaker is bad, I just have to get it out... If only it were that easy. Or is it?

I removed the six or eight 7mm screws that hold the speaker cover as well as the wires that send frequency to the speaker. I can not get it off though! I am fairly certain that something on the back of the speaker is still holding it to the car, but I don't know what it is or how to get to it.

I have seen the oval shaped speakers on here that just have 2 bolts on either end holding it in place and unfortunately my speaker is not like that.

I don't know how I'll be able to make it to school in the morning without Steve Inskeep on NPR Morning Edition. HELP!!