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Home made Shackles build and install (pics)


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June 12, 2006
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Windsor NS
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95 XLT
Hey guys
I got rid of the BII and have now started to build up my ex. It was 100% stock. So far in the last few weeks I have added body lift and 33x12.5x15 swampers.

1994 XLT 4 door auto. Transmission has just be rebuilt. 3:75 gears and limted slip 8.8

I have a few plans for this, but first need to level out the truck so I am making new rear shackles for the rear.
this is on a hill facing up so its not as bad as it looks as far as sagging goes

I tossed around a few ideas, either get new ones for $40 or build my own. I decided it would be more fun and cheap to make my own. After reading a few posts on this site I decided I would go with the same size as the warrior shackles.

went with this but took out the middle support, people have been saying it will flex just a little more than with middle support and most people have no ill effect from this.

I went to a local metal shop and got 4 pcs of .375" steel cut to length for $5 that was with the middle support at the time.

first step was to grind all edges down smooth so they can be worked with and not cut your hands up.

I got 4 grade 8 bolts that are 1/2 and 5" long with washers
so next step is to drill out 4, 1/2" holes for the bolts.

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Pics after snow... Mean tires!

Where do you go in BC? Can you take pics when it snows? (Some of us live by the ocean, no snow over here... :( I miss Blue Canyon, CA - not to be confused with BC. Hope to see more pics!

Where do you go in BC? Can you take pics when it snows? (Some of us live by the ocean, no snow over here... :( I miss Blue Canyon, CA - not to be confused with BC. Hope to see more pics!

hahah well I am near Vancouver.... right on the water... the ocean I should say.
I am going out today for a little run will take some pics! and of some of the shakles

Sounds like a plan!

Enjoy and be safe :salute:

The Explorer looks level, and the house looks crooked.

hahaha oh yeah thanks for that :thumbsup:

I think my truck sags just a bit in the back but once I put camping gear, a great dane and a full size spare in the back it comes down lots.

today after a little trip I hope to drill out the holes for the shackles.
I cant believe stock shackles are pressed steel, you would think they would twist right off, and I am sure they do, but this is why I am sure I wount need the middle support.


that diagram looks familiar :D

well I did find this on this site........ maybe your post? :)

I got some cheap ones from Autozone. I drilled the holes out to fit and ran the bolts that came with it as a centre support.

how high did that lift your truck up? what did you do for the front?

if my truck is uneven after I put the shackles in I am going to put some coil spacers in the front to see if that will level it out some and well it will give me another 1.5 " of cheap and easy lift.

Here are a few pics from tonight, dident get too far, my 4x4 would not in gauge, the lights would come on but front tires would not spin.... I am thinking problem with the auto hubs.... Will dig further tomorrow.




well just use this as a reference to see if the new shackles will make a difference with the flex. This was the first time this truck has been off the road...