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Homelink, 2016 Explorer, Got it working!


July 12, 2015
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New Brunswick, NJ
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2016 Explorer Limited
This works for 2016 Explorer Limited with Sears Craftsman door opener purchased in 2004. All the Youtube videos, owners manual and door manual did not work for me. I found the missing steps were #3 & 4. It was not clear that you needed to do step 2 "As WELL AS" steps 3 & 4. Hope this helps others.

1. IN CAR: hold outer 2 buttons down for 20 seconds or so. LED will blink.
2. IN CAR: hold working remote a few inches away. At same time, hit/hold button on remote and the Homelink button you want to use. Hold them down together till the Homelink lite fast flashes.
3. Within 30 seconds, go into garage and hit learn button.
4. IN CAR: hold the Homelink button for 4 seconds then let go. Repeat at least 2 times. Success is by garage door moving.