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Homemade Console & Ham Radio Install


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October 27, 2004
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Manchester, TN
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5-1991's; 1-94; 1-2000
1991 Explorer:
I've been stripping a wreck and had a spare console (just the cup holder part, not the armrest) and I thought "Hmm, maybe I can do something with this. I cut it down on the jigsaw and reversed it & voila, a nice console. I took a piece of plastic and painted it black, mounted switches for the driving lights, etc, and screwed it into the floor using the mount tabs under the cup holder. As this was one of those "on the fly" projects I don't have any in progress pictures, but you get the idea.


Running the power was fun, too. If you pull the plastic inner fender cover on the passenger side, you will see something like this:


Drill out the knockout area and your cable will come in right next to the Air Conditioner drain.


I used a salvaged grommet and some cable cover from the wreck:


When you put the inner fender cover back, you won't see the cable at all! Nice and clean!

Next I ran coax for a roof mount antenna. I pulled the dome light and used a piece of stiff poly tubing to get from the dome light to the passenger side door post. I didn't have to pull any headliner, just the door post trim. From the bottom of the door post, you can easily route the cable either under the door sill, as I did, or under the carpet to the center console.




For the radio itself, I removed the ashtray, took a piece of the scrap console plastic & made a cover to put the radio in. I'm really pleased with how this turned out & thought maybe it would give you some ideas for your install.

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