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hook it up?


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February 5, 2001
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'99 Maxima SE-L *5spd
can i hook up the factory cd changer to an alpine 7863 hu with a single disc in dash cd changer? its a single din and i have the 6 disc ford changer?

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I was thinking about the same thing, So I emailed crutchfield and the guy said that there were no harness that would enable someone to use an aftermarket hu and the factory changer.

they only way that i know of is to find out who makes ford's headunits. i know it's not alpine, so you're out of luck there.
older lexus' HU's are made by sony, so it is possible to get an aftermarket sony HU compatible with the factory cd changer.

you're better off picking up an alpine cd changer. dont get an FM modulated cd changer. some people dont mind them, but most hate the poor sound quality. i wont even sell them, because i dont want my name associated with a substandard sounding system.

alpine + fact changer = not compatible

well brother, i feel your pain, as i wanted to put a changer with my alpine head unit (without a fm mod., because they do have poor sound quality) but the only way that you can have a changer hooked directly with an alpine head unit is to have an alpine changer. that is bad news, but that is the way that it has to be, unless you get a fm mod. but then you go back to the issue of poor sound quality...

will all alpine changers work? i saw a sweet one on ebay for 100. it might be an older model. i have a 7863 hu receiver with a 1 disc in dash cd player and when i take cds in and out i scrached the face a bit, so i want a changer.


i'm 99% sure it will work. alpine is one of the best, and i believe they make all their CD changer controller headunits compatible with all their CD changers.