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Hop, Skip, and Jump (suspension question)


July 1, 2015
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03 Ford Explorer Sport Tr
2003 Sport Trac. If, while driving, I hit a certain level of bump (sunken manhole cover as example), at moderate city or highway speeds, the rear end likes to hop and "shimmy" (slight drift to one side or the other). I call it "dancing" for lack of a better word.

What is considered the common issue I can look at? Rear tie-rods? I know the shocks are a bit weak, could they be the main cause?

Thanks in advance.


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Weak shocks will allow the tire to bounce, and if I'm correct, the rear end "dances" to the right if the bump is on the left, and vice-versa, right? That would at the very least be magnified by weak shocks. New shocks might do away with the behavior altogether. Also, try dropping the pressure in the rear tires a couple psi and see if that makes any difference. Good luck!

Spooky huh? More like terrifying. :eek: I found out the hard way traveling 50 MPH on wet pavement and almost lost it. Agree, firmer non OEM rear shocks will help but won't prevent it from happening again. IMO, the greatest possible handling and safety improvement would adding an EE X-Spec, Hellwig 7648, or Addco 633 REAR sway bar. Pretty much eliminated the scary rear "side stepping" issue we've all experienced with our ST's. After six years of ownership the best street handling mod I've ever done after tires and shocks.




Thank you for all the quick responses. I will put new shocks and double check the air pressure. Next step (read: extra cash) I will put a new sway bar.

I love this forum!

On my 2G I installed the pro comp AAL and new shocks, this made a dramatic improvement. BTW I run LTs @ 48psi.