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Hope this is still at JY tomorrow...


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December 28, 2016
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Orange county, Ca
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95 Explorer 4X 4.0 ohv
Would love to get this bumper....

$40 ! Bolt right up!

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It was still there but unfortunately instead of making / having custom mounting brackets they welded it to the frame... so no go for now.
Grabbed some tow hooks off Expedition so not fruitless trip.

Yeah, but too much work at this point, it had an elaborate mounting base constructed for rear of skid plate as well. If I did my own welding I'd possibly head back out preppred for removal etc. On side note, it's probably still there as the vehicle just happened to be sitting in a very sloped/ "pooled" section that was still flooded about a foot deep from last weeks rain storm.....so if any other So Cal peeps here want to give a shot at it........

You could ask a welding shop or a body shop how much they would charge to weld it on. Maybe you could give it to them, and they could weld flanges onto it so that you could bolt it on the same way that the bumper is bolted on.

/\ Yeah...I have two acquaintances that weld, usually for free, but don't want to wear out my welcome :) .... I might head back there tomorrow (being that the pond it's sitting in should be drained / dried out enough by now) and take a closer gander at it.... don't have any cordless grinders at the moment.. maybe check c-list for one cheap..
Here's the beefty Expedition hooks I picked up there with a fresh coat of cherry red that I just slapped on them.


You could use a cordless reciprocating saw too if you want to cut away more metal. I don't know what kind of tools you have access to. Maybe the guys working in the yard could cut it off for you with a torch.