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hoping for quick solution double din install


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August 14, 2010
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Haughton, LA
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
I ordered the pioneer avh-p3200bt for my sport trac.

I was wondering do you have to actually trim the dash? I also bought the metra dash kit

that came with a triangle rear brace thing

I don't have the deck in yet, but was wondering if anyone had to brace up the back of the deck? thanks

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Yes, you must trim. When you pull the radio and remove the bezel, you'll need to trim the upper and lower inner lips (normally behind the stock radio) which otherwise would prevent the DD from sliding in the opening. DO NOT trim the left and right lips.

These photos are from "Sal A" on the Sport Trac web site.



I braced up the back of my unit using the triangle. You may need to pick up the correct size screw to attach it to the unit as most do not include the screw. The same goes for the side plate screws.

Take your time with the install and everything will look great.


Your question is answered, but I'll second/confirm the response.

yes, definately use the triangle brace, it will stop the deck from bouncing, doing it will help in the longevity (life) of the deck.
The trimming is neccesary because the opening is not 2din but about 1.75din
Best way would be to measure the opening required for the face profile to protrude from bezel, and then measure current opening. then trim equal amounts from top and bottom. This will make sure the deck is centered.

Also get the wiring harness adapter (if you didn't get that already).

awesome guys thanks so much. I'll be sure the get the wiring harness, I've always just hardwired everything, but after doing my dads truck last night with the multi plug setup I don't want the unused wires laying loose.

well I guess my kit was wider than most because I had to shave a little off each side as well, but oh well it fits just fine now. Also the screw hole for the brace was too high for the triangle brace to go in (it wouldn't even make it to the bottom) so I attached it to the bottom of the deck and then put some double sided tape on it just to secure it better. Pics to come soon.

I recently purchased the AVH-P3200DVD, which is pretty much the same unit except without the bluetooth.

It's a pretty cool unit for the price (Amazon just dropped it to $249)

I also got the Scosche Wiring Harness and DoubleDin adapter mentioned above.

One thing I wanted to add was in addition to trimming the top and bottom plastic bezel pieces I also needed to trim off a small plastic pin and plastic holding piece from the rear window control switch (passenger side).

With the side pieces of the Scosche kit attached to the bezel I couldn't get the head unit level because of this plastic pin in the top right corner of the back side. After a little trimming with the dremel and the side piece removed it slipped up and into the correct position. There are two phillips screws that also hold the rear window switch, so I don't think removing this plastic pin will impact any structural integrity.



Think I saw somewhere that the opening is 1.83 din. Id love to have a double din, but I really don't want to trim my bezel, is there no other way?

Ehhhh I don't think so. Maybe heating it and streching it?

I'm not sure about another way. Trimming the back of the bezel works great. It's probably 1.83, but the scocshe filler plate fills in the extra space on the left and right.

Trimming the lip on the back of the bezel (dremel or file) can't be seen when your done. You just do this so the new double-din head unit can slide up flush to the bezel.

I would probably go the trimming route, only takes about 10 minutes, just take your time. You can always shave more off, but can't put more back on :)

good luck with the mod!

Looking at this thread again before I do my install, noticed today thoug, I got the metra kit, but no triangle, I do have a schoshe triangle from my old pos dual from my ranger, but it wont mount because my unit has a heat sink in the middle of the back. Any suggestions? Also, looking at the metra instructions, I don't quite understand what, if anything, keeps the unit from sliding fore and aft. Are you supposed to attach the trim ring from the front, unit and side parts from the rear of the bezel?

The triangle is supposed to keep it up and i think put friction to prevent sliding. I screwed mine underneath to obtain the right height and slapped that puppy in.

Did my double din install last night - I also had to do quite a bit of grinding. Dremel made it easy though. Also wired up a new amp and sub. I was booming all the way to work today. I did however find myself taking the long way... :)