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Horn and Cruise...steering wheel?


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July 21, 2006
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1993 Limited
Alright, so my connection is bad in my horn. I took the horn out and tried it on another car and it works fine; so I know the actual horn is not bad. My cruise control wont work either; it does NOTHING ... doesn't respond or anything.

Is it possible that this has something to do with something inside the steering wheel? Since nothing on the wheel is working at all? If so, what can I do? If not, what can I check?

So far I checked this:

Replaced brakelights (third)

Checked fuses

Checked horn

Checked connection inside steering wheel.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,


Sounds like you definately have a bad clockspring. It's the wire connection to the horn & cruise and is coiled like a flat spring so the wheel can turn without twisting it.

thanks man. How do I fix it? And how do I get to it?

btw; no airbags - does that make a difference?