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Horn Blows after reconnecting negative battery terminal


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January 9, 2012
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Niceville, Florida
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99 Ford Exp XLT 4.0 I disconnected the negative battery terminal so that I could replace my cruise control switchs which still worked but were falling apart.

Prob #1. I replaced the cruise control switches and went to reconnect the negative battery terminal and the horn would not stop blowing. I pulled a 15AMP fuse under the hood that shut off the horn. Any ideas how to get the horn operating as intended?

Prob #2. The cruise no longer works, but the new switches themselves light up as they should when the head hights are on. The cruise does not light up on the instrument panel. After reading some threads it looks as though the horn and cruise have some electrical relationship.

Any suggestions on how to get this fixed would be appreciated.

It sounds like you have the wire that controls the cruise on off and the horn swapped but the cruise should have just been a wire harness that you unplugged from the old and plugged into the new.

Problem Solved

Removed new cruise control switch and ribbon cable, re installed old cable and switch and cruise and horn both working again.

Found the new ribbon cable had a small section that was smashed causing a break in continuity.

The switchs are probably fine but too difficult to seperate from cable so returning for an entire replacement.