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Horn/Light problem


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October 14, 2003
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'94 xlt
This morning when I started my Explorer, the horn started going off it was beeping ever .5 sec or so when it does this the lights flicker I disconnected the horn and I can hear a clicking coming from under the dash. Just as I pulled into work it quit. About a half hour later my lights were flickering again. It is a 1994, and has a factory alarm system on it. Help me please.

It sounds like the alarm got set off or the alarm could be going bad, as it is hooked into the lighting and horn circuits. There should be two pwr fuses and a relay bundled to the wiring harness, just to the left of the steering column , under the dash, about where your left kneecap would be if you were sitting in the driver's seat. Follow the wires to the black alarm module, it's above the parking-brake cable. Unplug the module.

Correction: if you have a factory installed alarm, the alarm module will be in the left-rear quarter panel, above the driver's fenderwell