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Horn problem


May 1, 2013
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04 Mercury Mountaineer Pr
it works if I lock the doors and hit the remote button a second time or if I hit the horn button on the remote all the fuses are good just don’t work when I try to blow it from the steering wheel !!!
Please some one out there in Explorer land help me please !!!!!!!
I have an 03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT
Thank you guys in advance

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No where are the horn buttons on it and could you tell me how to replace the clock spring if I need to replace it has a great body and motor so I’d like to get it up and working as well as finding out what a code 19 is on my air bag light

The horn buttons are built into the air bag (see the little trumpet shapes on either side of the airbag?).

If your horn relay and fuse are okay, my guess would be that your clock spring needs to be replaced. It's under the steering wheel (remove the steering wheel to get to it).

2003 ford explorer clock spring - Google Search

The airbag has probably blown at one time. That destroys the clockspring, and the horn, and cruise control, won't work. At least that was the case with my 2001.

Ok how big a job is it to replace the clock spring I’ve looked on you tube and got about 10 different ways to do it the closest they came was an 03 Ford Explorer is that the same way as doing the 03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac ????
Can you tell me how to replace it ??
Thank You
Darwin Finch

The process for removing the clock spring in a Sport Trac is identical to that of a 2001 or earlier Explorer. The only differences are the airbag is a different shape (as are the connections) and the part numbers are different. All the same parts need to be removed, and in the same way. You have to remove the plastic panel under the steering wheel in front of your knees, and the metal panel behind it, to access the connector at the end of the wiring. The lighting is horrendous, but video in the link below goes through all the necessary steps (at least as far as I watched it). There has to be a better quality video, but this is what I found in a quick search.


There are different clock springs depending on whether your truck has cruise control. Your new clock spring must be for cruise control if your truck has cruise.

Could be as simple as corroded contacts under the horn springs.
I just replaced the cruise control buttons on my 2001 Ranger XLT today.
Not even a 20 minute job.
Waiting for the battery and 30 minutes to de-energize the airbag just in case took longer.
\No need to unplug the airbag. Tuck in top of wheel opening.

Salt air in Massachusetts will cause that corrosion.