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Horn Wiring


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May 31, 2008
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Pemberton, NJ
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1991 XLT
I need to figure out why my horn is not working. I inspected for any loose wiring to the horn but I do not see any wires to the horn. Please help. Thanks.

check your fuses and also they can give out over time .just replaced my mothers 2002 cavalier horn ...it was only 6 years old ,funny enough the horn i bought to replace it with at advance auto (thats a generic type horn) is the SAME horn that was in the car ...right down to the part numbers !

You could take off the steering wheel and check to see how clean the connections are in there. If after checking everything you can't trace the problem the easiest solution would be to wire up a new horn with a push button. It'd probably only cost $30-$40

Time to get a new train horn :D.