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Horn wont work

November 8, 2005
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Dose anyone know, the fuse number, the size of fuse that should be in there, and generally where on the car the horn is?
99 2wd

Explorer hasnt been driven in a while but needs a renewal and the horn dosnt work, any sugested fixes?

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There is a relay for the horn, in the power distribution box right by the power brake booster.
The horn fuse is # 10 in the same box. it is 15a


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I had a horn problem on my 2000 Explorer. Turned out that the bolt holding the horn to the frame got loose. This bolt provides the ground connection to the horn. Tightening the bolt resolved the problem.

after 2 hours of searching honestly, we found the horn took it off to just test it. battery > horn > battery and it didnt work so buying a new one online. all the relays work fine and its getting current down there.

so where is the horn? I have the same prob with the loose bolt I think cause it works intermitantly. I cant find that thing for the life of me

it is right below the drivers side headlight....there is a blue wire runing to it....you can see it between the gap in the bumper and the body.

Awesome! Thanks very much

There is a relay for the horn, in the power distribution box right by the power brake booster.
The horn fuse is # 10 in the same box. it is 15a

hey guys, i need some help too. im trying to fix my explorer 01 sport's horn. i looked at the fuse box but it is different from what is shown here.

i have a pic. i dont know which fuse is for the horn.
first is the fuse box from the driver side dash..


then under the hood..

sorry for the poor quality pics (camera phone)



same here thnx rino i was going to get a pic of my fuses of my 01 sport but u took them so its pretty much the same as mine.

My horn aint working either and neither is my alarm and cruise control.

*bump* any help would be greatly appreciated...

In the 2001 it's also fuse 10, 15 amp, in the Power Distribution Box under the hood driver's side. There's also a horn relay in that box that could be the source of the problem.

I can't find an on-line description which relay it is but seem to recall the owner's manual for my 99 points it out.

RE: checking fuses. BUSS makes this cool little tester. it has it's own battery and is adjustable to test any size MINI fuse. it has two little pins that fit into holes on the back of the fuse. if the fuse is good a greed LED on the tester glows. if the fuse is bad, no LED. the nice thing is you don't have to remove a fuse to test it and it has nothing to do with you electrical system. it just tests the fuse. i bought mine at AutoZone. it came with a small assortment of fuses and it cost about $6. I've found you can't always trust the owner's manual as to what runs off which fuse. with this tool you can test all of them in no time.