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Houston BBQ

Michael, Randall's truck, Randall, and most of Amber's truck(Vegas).


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Randall, Amber's truck(Vegas), and Amber.
And Kris was taking these series of pictures.


Michael's Red Bull is ready for some hardcore action!


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Some barbeque shots.

I didn't catch the name of the guy on the left drinking from the cup.
Left to right: unknown guy(Michael's brothers friend), Alec(with his back turned), Michael's brother, and Michael at the grill.


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From left to right: Randall and Kris.


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Nice truck stacking! :D

Sorry we missed the BBQ, looks like you all had lots of fun!

Looks Good.

Thanks for hosting Michael!

It was good to see everyone, though y'all always bring the mod bug on in full force :rolleyes:

Thanks for coming guys. I'm always happy to host a get together. We need to do these more regularly.

It is always a blast hanging out with you guys... :D

Glad you guys had a good time!! We'll coordinate better next time and get all us Texans together.

BTW, is "Vegas" Matt Adam's old Ex??? That's what the Colorado Contingent called his truck and he was PIAA crazy. Could it be the same truck? (Adoption warms the heart, you know. My wife asks me EVERY-FREAKING-DAY if we can adopt Perry's purple monster.)

Yes, Amber bought Vegas from Matt Adams.

Originally posted by Johnstone
From left to right.
Me, Michael's truck, Michael, Randall's truck, and Randall's leg. Randall - aka - Mudd*****.


John, you're a funny guy ;)