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How Big of Tires for 20's on a Mountaineer/Explorer


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March 1, 2007
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Duluth, MN
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2002 Mountaineer
Right now i have 20's with 275/45/20. Im looking to go with taller tires. What is the biggest that will fit without have to cut or rub.

would 275/60/20's fit????

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275/60/20 Would be a 33" tall tire, so they will not fit without a lift.

a 275/50/20 should fit, might rub when turning sharp
Your 45s look good now..

i had 275/45's on my '02 and also wanted taller tires. this weekend, i put on 285/50/20's and they look great! some minor rubbing on hard turns but after triming the front fenderwell just a little bit (tire shop did it for me for free), they're fine. i'm a lot happier with the look AND the ride.

does anyone know if 22's will fit with 45 tires? or do they have to be 40's?

45's should fit with 22's. im looking to getting some new rubber for my rims, i was gonna go 305.45.22