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How can I tell if my explorer has the wiring for remote start.


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October 14, 2017
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wildomar clifornia
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2007 xlt
I have a 2007 Explorer XLT with the key fob operated door lock feature and wanted to know if there is a way to tell if it also has the wiring and modules etc for remote start.

I also want t know if I need the key fob with 4 buttons to operate remote stat or if I only need the key fob that only has an unlock button, a lock button, and a horn/hood/alarm button (whatever the third one is).


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I do not think they came with a factory remote starter. I have an aftermarket one and have 2 fobs.

IIRC, Ford offered an add on remote starter and kill kit that is likely discontinued, but might be found on eBay, etc. No telling if the other 3 or 2 button fobs will work, may be a different frequency or code. Contact the seller and check compatibility. GL