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how close to the amp should my cap be?

October 21, 2003
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I am going to be installing a cap in my truck and I was wondering how close to the amp should I mount mycapacitor? I thought of maybe mounting my cap in the center console or some where since I have a q logic box in the rear quater panel plus an amp on each side of the rear cargo area. thanks for your help everybody !


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mount it close to your amp it its reasonable to do so. As in within 3 or 4 feet

well the leaves the console out lol , well thanks for the quick reply I will keep looking for a place for it

what about doing it like some people have been doing their maglites?

well im going for a stealth install plus i need my cargo room so I would like everything to be behind the trim panels.

is there room behind the drivers side panel for the cap? i don't know what else you might have behidn that panel but that would be a good choice then.

Im going to be looking at the drivers side tomorrow I know the 4 wheel drive computer is back there but I can easily move that so who knows there might be possibilties