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How Do I Get Herculiner Off of My Hootus?!


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Alright smart-alecks, no questions :rolleyes: ; just answer the question please. :eek:

BTW, an exceeding speedy reply would be muchly appreciated, thankyewverymuch :D

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I just have to ask!

What exactly is your hootus and how on earth did you get herculiner on it? ;) D

My hootus is just exactly what you think it is and I would really appreciate some help pronto as this is a rather uncomfortable situation right now..... :banghead:

I'm with Paul, I want to know how the heck it got there! Seriously though I don't know if a way to get it off... all the things I can think of involve cutting or acid... neither of which you want near your "hootus". You could try some goo gone, don't know if it'll help but you never know... I still really want to know how it got there though, LOL :D

Gerald, no question as requested.
Saws-all (remember, it's your friend) or grinder.
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Lava Soap? Doubt it, but maybe worth a try.

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Ummm... Okay then... I'm not sure I want to hear how it got there now... LOL :eek: :D

What does it say on the can? Have you called the fire department or something? What about the manufacturer? Has it started to harden yet? Couldn't this cause a serious injury?

How in the H@ll do you get yourself into predicaments like this? :rolleyes:
Have you tried acetone yet?


Okay, here's the "Abridged" version.

I can't bring myself to say the "short" version :D

Remember the "Carnage at 360" thread where it was revealed that yes I did indeed lay my pretty grocery-getter right down on its side and nearly flipped it? The quotes just for the doorskin replacement and paint job (Metallic Wedgewood Blue with Clearcoat, blahblahblah) was between $1500 - $2000. They would have to paint the entire side of the vehicle to feather in the color, then the clearcoat, plus buy the doorskin panels, then I'd have to get the graphics redone, etc.

I loved the look of some of your vehicles at Moab that had either Rhino-lined or Herculined your rocker panels/lower door skins. So I am saving mucho bucks and hiding my damage and paint destruction by Herculining my rocker panels over the carnage. Of course this stuff gets all over everything while you are applying it, including your hands.

Nature called during this project, proving the opportunity for whatever is on the hands to transfer to other body parts. Certainly you can now fill in the blanks in this story. I really don't want to get into the "long" version :D. Is that clear enough? Do you want pictures?
Nah, don't even go there.
Herculiner is thinned by Xylol(Xylene), which is between Acetone and MEK in strength. I have both Xylol and MEK. I am not particularly interested in washing in either of those substances, er, ah, well, there, if you know what I mean....

I hope you guys are having fun. I need a little help and sympathy here. :([/S]

Damnit Gerald aren't you supposed to wear gloves when you use that stuff?

I don't blame you for not wanting to use acetone on... ummm... your parts... but what else is there? I guess you could call in and maybe be on the Rescue 911 tv show. ;)

What an idea

This may get me in trouble... if I have to call in sick tomorrow, what do I tell the boss?

PS / No, the instructions didn't say anything about wearing gloves, but they didn't give any hints on how to pee either. Maybe I need to correspond with the company on this matter?

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Damn Gerald, you have worse luck than I do! Well, if I were you I would check my medical insurance coverage to make sure it.......covers this sort of thing, and I'd suck it up (Ooh, sorry for that one ;) ) and go to a urologist.

As far as contacting the company, how exactly are you going to explain this to them? "Um, yes. I was rhino lining my rocker panels when I suddenly got the urge to whip Big Willie out and take care of business, how exactly do I un-rhino line Big Willie?"

Hoppe's No. 9 solvent might work. If anyone asks, you're just cleaning your "gun". On the other hand, the protective qualities of herculiner may be an advantage... on the second thought, forget that.:)

Really, just call the manufacturer and ask them. Use a pay phone. They don't know you from Adam. It'll give their office something to talk about for a few days.

..and they will just say, Hey Fred, Bill,...we got another one on line three... What do you think we should tell him.... :D

Unless it is toxic or is very uncomfortable leave it alone, it will eventually come off as your skin dies. I had some stuck to my hands(wearing gloves)and just had to wait til it wore off. (Could this be the beginning of the new Viagra?.hehe.. sorry I couldn't help myself) Good luck!


I hope you have solved your problem by now (I need to admit, I had tears in my eyes reading this thread. Shame on me, but if I ever get in a "delicate" situation, I will let you know, I promise :D )

If you still need advice, try with nail polish remover. This has acetone in it, but in a skin-friendly version.

Gerald NOTHING gets that stuff off! NOTHING! :) Your stuck with it till it wears off. Ugh... LOL Mental image.... LOL I got some on my finger and I DID wear gloves and was basically covered head to toe when I did it. It took about a whole week to get it off.

I'm a thinkin' that mineral spirits will remove the hootus contaminant.
Soak a corner of a small rag and swab it on there. Scrub thoroughly, but not vigoursly. A vigourous rythmic scrubbing will just make the problem bigger. Once the contaminant is removed, the hootus will be afflicted with a tingling sensation from the mineral spirits. You will need to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
To alleviate the tingling, wash the hootus thoroughly with warm soapy water. Again, avoid vigourous rythmic scrubbing.
The cumulative events of the purported hootus contamination and subsequent de-contamination may cause post-traumatic hootus stress syndrome. To date the latest theraputic measures and consultations have not been proven to be effective.
It seems the most successful treatment of this condition is to "soak it in cider".
Good luck Gerald...

LMFAO!!!!! OH my god I have not laughed this hard in such a long time....

Hootus!!! LOL

Oh man I am just gonna be doing that random laughing thing all day today after reading this.

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Shave one side, light the other other side on fire and stab them with an ice pick as they run out. Oh! Sorry, that was my old man's theory for getting rid of the hootus critters. Got a little bit sidetracked. Intense and uncontrollable laughter will do that you know.

(Sorry, couldn't help myself, hope it wasn't to lewd??? Ha! Ha!