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How do i get my new toy in 4x4 manually


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November 7, 2008
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Seattle, Washington
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1992 4 linked Explorer
I just bought this monster explorer, the 4x4 button does not work. I looked underneath

it does not appear to be vaccum accuated

The t case just has a bunch of wires going to what looks like a wiper motor, but is not a wiper motor.

all i want is it to get in to 4lo for now. its a trailer rig

and i take off that accuator and manually put it in 4lo or rig like a cable system.

thanks guys

its a 91 with a 5 speed

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take off the shifter motor, grab some pliers, and manually turn the stud to the 4Lo position. a new motor isnt that bad. theres a rebuild thread for the shifter motor on this site if you search for it.

Thanks i did that and it worked great

then i crawled up my rock wall and broke my coil overs

Check out the A Guide to troubleshooting 4x4 problems. thread for a quick diagnosis. In all likelihood the shift motor repair thread is where you problem lies.

In the mean time you can remove the shift motor to access the T-Case selector shaft pictured below. You can use pliers/vice grips to rotate the shaft and it will have a positive feel/indent when you reach each setting (2H,4H,4L). In order to shift into 4L the transmission must 1st be in neutral..


Off topic but :ttiwwp:

Haha any pictures of the beast?

I bet that thing has crazy bump steer...

Ya you have no idea

It needs a stabilizer really really badly

No it needs hydro steer or a suspension redesign. 4 links and traditional steering to not mix, the steering moves in an arc and the axle doesn't. It needs a 3 link/radius arm suspension with a panhard bar.
You can see on this suspension the panhard bar is at the same angle as the steering so when the suspension moves the steering follows the same arc.

A 4 link needs hydro steering because everything is located on the axle and isn't affected by movement.

ah ok I was about to say you don't have coilovers then I saw the pics.