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How Do I Remove The Camshaft Sprocket?


May 23, 2012
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Moose Jaw, SK
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'94 Explorer XLT 4.0L 4x4

4.0L OHV (Pushrod) 4WD, Automatic, 1994 Explorer XLT.

I need to know how to remove the torx bolt from the camshaft sprocket (top) so I can replace the timing components. All I see are replacement threads for SOHC engines... Nothing is broken!! I'm just replacing them for the hell of it since I had to replace the timing cover gasket due to an oil seal leak and coolant leak.

Also, how on Earth do I remove the crankshaft sprocket (bottom) when the sprocket does NOT have a keyway but, there's a key for the harmonic balancer on the crankshaft. I don't know, is there a way to remove it? Or should I just leave it? I have the torx 3/8 drive and ratchet...

The sprocket on the bottom you'll probably need a sprocket puller tool. I done it on Chevy V8 with a sprocket puller.


There does look like a Torx on the camshaft sprocket. Will probably have to hold the crankshaft steady with a big creascent wrench to loosen the Torx bolt

I stick a screwdriver through the holes on top sproket and remove the bolt, or hit it with a good impact gun.bottom the key needs to come out.I use a very small flat head screwdriver to tap it out

Solution to Remove Camshaft (Top) Sprocket:

Use an impact wrench (I used corded electric).

1/2" to 3/4" adapter to T55 Torx bit.

Rotate counterclockwise (to the left) and the bolt will unscrew.


I will be making a very detailed, yet simple to explain thread or post here, illustrating the timing chain components removal and installation process for the OHV (Pushrod) 4.0L 4WD Non-Interference engine. I couldn't seem to find it and the Haynes really is insufficient. Thanks guys for helping! The puller is not needed for either sprockets (thankfully) and I will try a very thin flathead screwdriver to remove the key.