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How do I replace instrument panel light?


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September 24, 2004
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99 eddie bauer
The light behind the RPM gauge on the instrument panel is burned out. How do I replace the light?. Remove the panel form the front ( If so how?) or access it from the rear? Dosent seem to be enough room to acces it form the rear.

I've had the same have to start by removing the trim piece that surrounds the radio and HVAC controls. Once you do that, you have to remove the trim panel underneath the steering wheel as well as the metal plate behinf that. Once you have that done, remove the three screws at the top of the instrument cluster, put your steering wheel all the way down and your shifter in 1st gear (to allow room) and remove the trim around the cluster. Be careful and be sure to unhook the headlight and dimmer switches below the vent. Once that is done, remove the screws that hold the instrument cluster on. Unhook the three wiring harness going into the cluster and pull it out. The bulb sockets are located on the back and you twist them to remove. Hope this helps....took me about 45 min.

Also remember to remove the shifter indicator by pressing the tabs at both ends before pulling out the gauge. Carefully.