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how do u do a bodylift

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ight thanks man i just dont wanna spend the money for other people to do it when my brother has all the equipment to do it im sure it would be cheeper lol

it will be cheaper but its kinda a pain in the ass removing everything but its better then paying some one also ull need to do something about the ac line and another line ill get a pic for you within the next few days

I did 95% of my body lift by myself. Took me a Saturday afternoon and a case of beer to get it done.

i think it would be a pain in the ass to remove the seats. and its real time consuming

A time consuming pain in the butt. You have to remove everything. It really was not that bad though, I would do it again.

jus find the body mount bolts, take em out, disconnect the steering shaft and the wires going to your firewall, and attach the lift pucks one at a have an 01 so it might be a little more tricky but thats the jist of it