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How do you get these guys off -- what tool ?


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October 7, 2022
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2004 Mercury Mountaineer
How do you get these guys off -- what tool ?


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Wire cutter, brute force. You might use a flat screwdriver, and tap it counterclockwise a bit to give room for a good set of side cutters.

side cutters and rip them off

You don’t need to reuse or replace them.

You don’t need to reuse or replace them.
In production, they keep drums from wobbling around as wheels are installed. Ford calls them "Tinnerman" nuts. Can be removed by using linesman pliers to unscrew them.

I just use a heavy duty pick tool set. If you can't hook it with the hook pick tool, drive a straight pick in with a hammer and give it a good twist. It'll either come off or break. Either way you don't need them. Do whatever you want/need to get them off.

Generally speaking, when you see those things still on a vehicle, it's a sign of repair virginity.

I always just split them off with a small cold chisel. They're spring steel, and one swat will break them.

I pull out a pocket knife, slide under to bend up the edge a little, just enough to grab with pliers and twist till the hole is larger so they slip off, or they rip apart, whichever comes first. Keep in mind that things rust here, so they are a little weaker than when new.

I've found that diagonal cutting pliers work well. Many need to use pick or screwdriver to raise a little before snipping edge and pulling off.