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how do you make the d35 stronger?


April 7, 2006
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hills grove, pa
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ok, since i ordered my 35's and they are suppost to be here by next friday, i wondering what all the prerunners rangers and explorers, that have a d35 do to make it stronger. my main worry is i hear that when the wheel bearings go bad, your wheel falls off, so thats my main worry, but i heard bout using jeep hubs, if i already have warn hubs, what is the bonus with using jeep ones?


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best way to do it, swap in a d44. :p

Other than that, you can swap to d44 outers (do a search), warn premium hubs (jeep hubs), custom cromoly shafts, ect.

Your D35 TTB can handle 35" tires no problem WITH some care.
You need to be aware of your wheel bearings and how to re-pack them, set the pre-load and torque them for the larger tires. Your spindles and spindle nuts need to be in good shape.

Your TTB should have new U joints, ball joints, and bushings to help.
Also your tie rods should not have any slop

So basically your front end should be up to par before you add additional stress of larger tires.

You can do a search on this site regarding the wheel bearings.

the D35 TTB is not much weaker then a D44 EXCEPT for the wheel bearing spacing on the spindle.

Your Warn hubs are fine.

If you want better wheel bearing spacing, stronger hubs and bigger brakes then look into adding the D44 outers to your D35 TTB.

I run 35" MTR's with a ARB locker, no problems.

33=37" tires can cause carnage to a D35 TTB, breakage usually happens with excessive wheel spin, or when one tire thats in the air is spinning comes down onto a rock = SNAP, typically the hub goes first but axleshafts have been known to snap at the U joint flange as well.

thanks! but why do people use jeep hubs? and not just explorer warn hubs, i planned on gettin new wheel bearings b4 i put on the tires, do you think a 4x4 shop would do a better job installin the bearings rather then a local auto shop?

i dont wheel hard, and after i do i clean all the **** off(right after)

theres nothing wrong with the explorer hubs, but they dont make warn premiums for explorers/rangers/b2's, only for the jeep 35. They do make reg warns for the d35 and thats what I have run for a while with no problems ever. Stock warns hubs should be fine.

i heard of people replacing the stock u joints for 760x spicer ones, anyone here bout this?

You can also replace the d35ttb outers with d44ttb outers. You get bigger brakes, bigger bearings and a stronger axle. It is NOT bolt on...but it's not a huge job to do it either :)

Mine did fine with 35s and a limited slip... :thumbsup:


you cannot use 760's without a change in yokes and the size of your knuckles, the 760's are what d60's use, much bigger than a 35 u joint.