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how do you wire in the factory sub to an aftermarket headunit??


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September 28, 2004
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98 5.0 mountie
I pulled the factory cd player and console mounted 6disc changer from my 98 mountaineer today and tossed in an alpine headunit.

I did this mainly because the LCD on the factory headunit acts up and I really wanted storage space in the console since I never use the changer.


everything is sounding nice now but the factory sub makes no sound. I'm assuming it's controlled by one of the other two harnesses that are just sitting back there.

How can I splice it into the alpine's harness to get it working?? I would really appreciate any help you guys can offer me, thanks!!

i'm not a expert but i do know that all amps are basically wired the same just find the power,ground and remote that is your problem your remote is not turning on your amp check to make sure with a meter or test light from autozone [very cheap] test for power at the big colored wire going into the amp there should be three going in on one side two big one small the grond will be black or green theres no code on cars and trucks so each manuf. does its on thing as i was saying the colored wire whatever color it is will be yor power with key turned to on check if you have power if so check the little wire that is your remote. if you have no power on the remote but do on the power then sun you a 18 gauge wire from the radio or switched fuse wherever you want and splice it together make sure to use heatshrink not just blacktape! and remember to cap off old wire so no shorts or anything after that reply and let us know how it went ummm just thought you might check the fuses to its got to have a seperate fuse for it as i know it draws a decent amount of amperage it will be a good size somewhere around 20-30 amps just my two cents and if i'm in the wrong here please help this guy out bc i wanna know too! :)

If you have the correct wiring harness, your sub should work. Since you have a factory sub, I believe you have the Mach audio system. Is this correct? If so, perhaps item #120705517 at will work. The picture indicates there are actually two harnesses - one for the primary audio system wiring and another one with an RCA plug at the end. This is likely for the sub. I had to do the same thing with my 2004 Mountaineer and a Panasonic head unit I got from Crutchfield.

When I first started researching this a few months ago, the Crutchfield fitment guide did not have a wiring harness for the Mountaineer that included a sub connection. I had to actually look up the same equivalent vehicle as an Explorer to find the right harness. The item number in the case of the 2004 Explorer/Mountaineer is #120705521. With this harness, I can use the factory sub with the Panasonic head unit. Crutchfield has updated their fitment guide since then, so the correct info shows for the 2004 Mountaineer now. I know this post is coming a couple of months late, but hopefully this will still help.

Sorry about repeating information. I just saw the sticky at the top after I posted this.