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How fast is too fast on a 97 Explorer 4.0


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March 14, 2006
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97 Explorer XLT

I'm planning to move from Connecticut to California, and I want to go pretty fast on the highways that don't or have 75 Mph speed limits on the way. Just like all cars in America the Explorer has a speed limiter that hits around 90 Mph. Is it easy to remove it? and is it safe to go faster than 100 Mph on a explorer or is it bad for its transmission? As you you there are highways on the way that basically have no speed limit.


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High speed is not a good idea in an Explorer, they are top heavy vehicles (unless they are modified). Do your self a favor and don't go too fast, if you were to have an accident it would be disasterous.

We had a young couple in an Explorer on the interstate in the county that I live in that died because he lost control of the Explorer trying to get around a tractor trailer who was doing the speed limit (75). This happened about 2 months ago. When it happened it was warm with no rain, it was just speed and a top heavy vehicle that rolled.


It sounds like, no offense, your best bet is to leave the speed limiter on. I just drove from New Hampshire to Arizona and cops are chillin on the side of the road all over, there are tons of 18wheelers all over the highways and it's just not a good idea doing 90+ in an explorer. Especially since you'll probably have the explorer loaded with stuff.

My mounty hits the limiter at 106, and it's rides smooth. But I wouldn't do more than about 85-90 if there is any traffic around at all.
To remove the speed limiter you need to get a computer tuner from someone like he's on the forum, and has lots of experience tuning explorers.

What ever it tops out at is Too Damned Fast for a Explorer or any other SUV...........over 80 is Too Damned Fast in a top heavy SUV...IMHO :)

Also, if you remove the speed limiter there's a BIG chance you are gonna blow the engine anyway:(, you ever think of that??

don't go over 75. you may gain 1 hour at the end of the trip if you are lucky enough not to get a ticket.

you are better of going the speed limit and save some gas instead of getting a ticket and risk your life.

ok, thanks guys, I'll leave the limiter on and wont go over 80 on it, can't risk getting in an accident.

I did 70 - 75 the whole way and averaged 20mpg with suitcases on the roof, a cargo carrier off the hitch loaded to the rear window, and the ENTIRE back of the vehicle loaded, cargo area, back seats, there was stuff to the roof through out my whole sport. Definatly worth going slow to save gas, texas was like $3.70 a gallon.

you never know when or wear your tire is going to's hard to see debris in the road when you are driving fast, and if you hit it or swerve to miss it, you will now have a parts explorer...hmmm, what year is your truck???i'll keep an eye open for parts...:D J/K...;)

Watch a cuple of videos of explorer rolling on youtube and you wont want to speed again or swerve. You can swerve good one way, then it just sling shoots the explorer and jumps in the air and lands on the roof. I thinking of selling my explorer becasue of this, their are too many moose and deer on our roads this summer and I never know when i might have to do a fast turn

In some states, going 90+ will not only get you a ticket, but can also land you in jail. Plus going that fast on public streets is plain stupid. And if you get a ticket for that fast in MS, you'd have to come back here for your court date.

The reasons I would not speed too much driving cross-country are...

A) Cops look for out of state license plates

B) I wouldn't want to drive all the way back to east bumble#### Iowa to fight a speeding ticket or try and get it reduced, so I'd end up getting nailed for the full summons.

C) Interstate highways and roads you've never driven on are never a good place to push a vehicle to it's limit.

Also, since you're moving I assume you'll have some cargo which = more weight. Just enjoy the ride and the scenery! :)

I learned years ago that the best way to make good time on a long trip is not to go fast, but just keep going. Plan your food and fuel stops together. Make the most out of your fuel range. You'll be surprised at hoe many people pass you repeatedly because they keep stopping and then driving fast to "make up time".

I just completed a 3k mile trip where driver didn't think I was running fast enough @ 65mph about midnight. As he swung out to pass he was confronted with a tractor-Trailer tire tread (I saw it early enough to avoid it) and he took it head -on. Damaged his car and put him out of commision.

Driving smart is way quicker than driving fast!

Log your mileage and your avg speed. Share what you learned when you arrive in the Golden State! Welcome to CA...