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How hard is it to switch my steering console?


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January 29, 2002
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'99 F-150
Ok, I went for a 2 hour drive today and not having cruise control started to get old, especially since I have a 98 Explorer w/ many option's(6 disc changer, overhead console, etc.), but it didn't come w/ cruise control. I think that the Explorer's that came w/ cruise control also had tilt. So my dad called a Ford dealership just for cruise control, and they said $500 :eek: So we started to think about finding a wrecked Explorer in a junk yard w/ cruise control and tilt that's grey and switching them. I know it'd be a lot of work, and to get the cruise control to work I'd also have to grab the cruise controll module box thing, and I'd have to switch the ignition key so my key will work it in. Besides that won't all the other wire's connect right together? Will it be possible? I could also just get an aftermarket cruise control, but I'm 6'8" so I don't want to take anymore knee space than I have to, also for the same reason have a tilt steering wheel would also be really nice.

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You can buy a universal cruise control from JCwhitney. It's pretty easy to install and would cost a lot less.

It would be very hard to swap the tilt column into your X, just get all the hookups and wire them to a switch off another Ford without wheel cruise buttons.

alright, thanx. It was just a thought I had.

Ok, my dad still think's it's possible. He's talked to a friend of his, a mechanic that has done some moonlighting for us before. when he wanted to do the same thing to his F-150 and that guy said it wouldn't be that hard. So has anybody replaced their steering coumn, or added cruise controll? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Swapping a column is no big deal mainly just r@r, but the quest for cruise may be a little more tricky, on top of the module and wheel, you will need any missing wiring, and relays, fuses, to run thru the right circuits, cruise has to be able to operate thru the fuel system, as well as the braking system, not hooked up right could lead to disaster.
Good luck, David