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how long leave seafoam in oil before next change?


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May 18, 2002
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92 XLT 4WD
i just ran 1/2 a bottle of seafoam thru the pcv valve. so far so good. i didn't notice a large amount of white smoke that came from my exhaust. just enough to notice, not enough to call the fire dept. does that mean that it was pretty clean in the first place? tonight, i'm going to do an oil change with a bottle of seafoam, and i'm going to put the rest of the other 1/2 bottle into my gas tank. i planned on driving on the freeway for about 200 miles, then when i get back, do another oil change? does this sound right? can seafoam stay in your engine longer? this weekend, i'm going to change the transmission fluid and i'm going to put a bottle of seafoam transtune in with the trans fluid. how long should i leave that in for? the manufacturer said that i can just leave it in til the next tranny fluid change. that seems like too much time. what do you think?

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I don't recommend putting any seafoam into your oil for the same reason I don't recommend engine flushes. There is just no need. That built up gunk in there might be the only thing keeping the engine together.

as far as the tranny speed governor is sticking still, so i'm hoping that it'll free up the gunk on the governor...and i also want to clean out the transmission valve body.

when i seafoamed.. the smoke wasn't bad at all. i ran it for about 5 minutes in idle after it had set like the directions say.
about 3 hours later i hoped in and started off to the grocery store and i smoked up the neighborhood. people probably thought i was the mosquito fogger truck guy.
and i don't know how long you can leave it in. i didn't put any in he oil either.

I have put about 20K on my transmission since I put in the Seafoam. I have every intention of going at least another 10K before I do a complete flush. It hasn't created any problems.

I would NOT put SeaFoam or anything else in your oil.