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How many crush washers ?


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February 14, 2016
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Western Maine
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2005 Sport Trac XLT 4WD
2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac right front brake caliper.
I removed my brake caliper, and when I reinstalled it I am leaking brake fluid in the banjo bolt area.

When I removed the caliper I only remember one crush washer. I compared it with the drivers side, and it looks like only a crush washer installed under the head of the banjo bolt, but it is hard to see. Intuition tells me there should be two washers one on each side of the brake line: one under the banjo bolt head, and the other between the brake line and the caliper.

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The copper washers sandwich the banjo bolt, so two per bolt. Those are not really reusable, but do fine on the same bolt/caliper. If you replace calipers, they usually come with two new washers per caliper.

Those new copper washers take a lot of force to crush the seal rings into them, more pressure than just re-tightening the bolt. So be careful not to strip any threads, but very aware that it will take force approaching say 40-50lbsft, to seal the new washers. If there is a leak, it's usually from not being tightened enough.

Thanks I'm headed out to the garage to install two washers.
I just wanted to be sure especially with brakes.

Installed the second crush washer no leaks thanks again.