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How many miles can a clutch last?


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July 14, 1999
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'93 Ranger XLT 4X4
I have close to 140,000 on my truck, and I'm starting to wonder how much more life my clutch has. I realize most of you have automatics, but I'd like to hear top mileage on the original clutch for any vehicle you've ever owned.

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My '92 had about 95k on it when we put a new clutch in. We had to have the tranny rebuilt, so we just played it safe. According to the tranny shop it was still in pretty good shape.

In my friends 94 BMW, it went out at 96K. My old B2 went out at around 100K. I have 59K on my X now, & the clutch seems fine. If your sure it was never changed, 140K is about time. Although, how is your tranny holding up? Are there any problems with it? You might want to save some $ & wait untill that goes, then you would replace the clutch at the same time. The tranny has to come out with either job. Might as well do everything at once. You could replace those leaking tranny plugs too.

My slave cylinder contaminated the disk at 100k on my Ranger.


It can last verry long, depend on how you drive it. Slipping is what kills clutch, like in traffic and trail. Mine lasted 127,000, and like JDraper just changed it wyle changing slave and pilote bearing. Was still verry good, about half way trought the disk, so if that damm slave would have old on, I would still run it at 146,000, On my 93 Escort I did 156,000 before changing it for the pilote bearing(8$ part @#$%?&&).

Depends on the gears and tires you have. On my 94 Ranger with 31's and 3.27's, I went about 95k on the stock clutch. But if your geared properly or low they can last a long time. On my 91 3.0 Probe it still has the stock clutch at 220,000 miles.

I've got over 83,000 on my Sport and the clutch feels the same as it did when I got it with 49K on it. A clutch will last a long time, as long as you don't mistreat it or slip it a lot.

Mine has over 133,000 on it and it seems to be fine. No slipping and no grinding. I want to replace it so I have an excuse to replace the rear main and possibly bearings though.

Originally posted by 4x4Ranger
On my 91 3.0 Probe it still has the stock clutch at 220,000 miles.

Thanks, THIS is the kind of number I was hoping to see. My clutch is fine at 140,000, and I use it judiciously, but I had no clue what kind of mileage was POSSIBLE.

Still interested in hearing of more high mileage stats.

I just turned 169,000 on my 92 xlt 4.0L 4 door -- original clutch.

My clutch seems to be working fine -- the same as always -- but I know that it is probably just a matter of time before I will need to change it. I will wait for more indication that the thing is definitely on its last legs before I tackle the job. Tranny is fine also so I am keeping my fingers crossed. My family are the original owners and my wife was the driver until about a month ago -- strictly a family vehicle -- so she gets the credit for the gentle clutching (but I taught her how to shift over 20 years ago, so I will take some of the credit). Now she has a brandy new toyota sienna van -- automatic trans; she keeps reaching for the shifter (so do I!).


I have a Ranger with 130K but I'm not counting on the cluch lasting much longer. I'm hoping to get it to 150 before I have to touch the tranny other than fluid changes.

I had a bronco II that had 150k miles before the clutch pretty much fell apart. When I got it back from the shop the mechanic told me there where "broken and missing teeth" on the clutch. Thats a bronco II for yea. :)

I had a 90 probe. The slave cylinder went at 175,000 and when I went to pick it up the mechanic asked me if I had recently had the clutch replaced because it looked brand new. I sold it at 195,000 and that person had it to 215,000 when he lost 5th gear and started having other tranny problems so he got rid of it.

My brother's Toyota P-Up (used to be mine) still has the original clutch and the truck has over 210,000 miles on it! I think its about to go though... :(

My 91 Explorer got 182000 on it and it's original and still feels and shifts great.

BUMPing this thread from 3 1/2 years ago to answer my own question. ;)

I'm now at ~220,000 miles, and it's shifting so bad, I am forced into redoing the clutch system. It's probably just the slave causing the problem, but everything is getting replaced. :D