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How many physical (non fob) keys should 2017 come with?


November 27, 2017
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Ellicott City, MD
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2017 Explorer XLT
Just purchased 2017 XLT with intelligent access. I got two remotes, both of which have the small key inside. I got one full key for opening door and glove box. Should I have gotten two of the full keys? If I take the fob that doesn't have the key on the ring, if I want to lock glove box I'd have to open the fob, take out the small key to lock glovebox. Then I'd have to repeat to unlock. seems inconvenient. Wanted to check here before calling dealer.

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SOP is 1 "full size" physical key. You could also put the smaller fob key on a ring--it is notched for that purpose.

thanks. Seems silly to only give one full key!

Not a bad observation. Of course, you could have one cut extremely cheaply--dealer would probably do it pro bono. It's not like it's a chipped blank.

Yep, that is what I was thinking. Will check with dealer.

I never lock the glove box but if I did I would likely just put the small internal key of the fob's key ring if my inside key has that ability. Haven't opened either fob to check.


I got 2 fobs (with physical keys inside) and 1 standalone key. Never used any of them.

One thing don't miss about living in California was all the mandatory valet places.

the keys have nothing to do with valet parking. if you have intelligent access, you could not start vehicle with only one of those keys. They are only for getting into the vehicle and to lock/unlock glove box. There is valet mode on sync 3, but it just locks the infotainment system. my old 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix came with a valet key. It was normal key that open door and could start vehicle. It came in a credit card sized plastic thing that you could give to valet so you didn't have to give them your whole key set, including your house key.

Right. Okay. I never use the valet feature :)

no I got two full fobs with small keys inside, and one regular sized key. I do sometimes put things in glove box and lock it so if have fob that doesn't have full sized key I would have to open fob and get out the small key.

........... so if have fob that doesn't have full sized key I would have to open fob and get out the small key.
Why not take the small key out and put it on the key chain as mentioned before?


Seems like a good solution to me. The hole on the key is quite large. That easily would fit on a keychain.