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how much herculiner?

I herculined my interior

well i had already stripped the interior when i did the lift and i left it out. Today i took out the seats so i could clean the dried up mud, and now i just decided to use herc on the interior. How much did those of you use? a quart, a gallon? reason i am asking here is that there is a nice price difference between the two, and i dont want to buy more then i need. Thanks guys

Well i found more interesting news, duplicolor has the same product, but in a spray as well. So i got one gallon of bed liner (half the price of herc) and one can of spray. Waitin for second coat to dry now, then its off to do the third and final coat. Later i will pick up a spray can and do touch ups as needed.


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Ahh Chris, you never cease to amaze me. Your edging ahead in the build up now..Stripped interior, how can i compete against that?





these pics dont do it enough justice. It is a night/day difference between the crap that it was and now. I bought another spray can and did all the touch ups and made it nice,

Monty, when you come out, you will be amazed, time to do it on your truck!

kool! i did the EXACT same thing in the rear of my X.. i bought 3 pints and a spray can and did the cargo area behind the rear seats. ...from the floor, fenders, rear door, and around the back windows.. went extra thick because i was using it as a sound deadener. over that i put dynamat.