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How much is your insurance???


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September 25, 2001
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1998 Sport
Just curious how much yall pay for insurance/month...My dad pays $250/month for my X for comprehensive coverage...BTW I am 17 with absolutely no wrecks and no driving record

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I pay 600 a year for full on both my exs.I am 28 and a clean record.

i'm 20 with a clean record... $3200 a year. It's rape!!! I need to get married and have some kids.

full on my x and full on my wifes 2002 mustang=$72 a month, both have clean records and are 30yrs old. but if we were younger it would be alot more, in nc they go by yrs of driving experience.

We have four cars in our family: '94 Town & Country, '96 Explorer, '90 Accord EX, and '98 Accord EX-V6. Full with towing privilages costs $1150 a term, which translates to about $192 a month for all 4 cars. My Explorer is the cheapest to insure at $215. The most expensive is the '98 Accord at $369. We have 4 drivers and all with a clean record.

I'm 22 with a clean record except for a speeding ticket 2 years ago. I have full coverage for my Explorer, my quad, and my trailer. It runs me $1600 per year.

3200 a year,do they use vasoline

I pay 50 bucks a month for Car insurance and my renter's insurance.
I'm 25 with a clean driving, Good Student Discount, and I get a discount for
being engaged! hehe..

Oh yeah, I work for my insurance company too, but I don't know if that gets me a discount.

I pay 1000 a year for full coverage. I'm 24 with a clean record too. Can't wait till Novemeber when I turn 25 and it gets cut in half.

1500 per year, 17 yr old with no tickets and good driving discount. I got my insurance through Country Companies.

Country Companies,,, that's the company I work for!

I pay about 800 per year, 21 years old with a clean record.

Insurance rates vary tremendously by region of the country and even by county within a single state. Rates are set based on many things other than driving record. They include age, years of driving experience, type of vehicle (including drivetrain) and trim line, average number of miles driven per week or month, etc. One of the things none of you mention is how much "full" coverage you're buying. "Full" coverage usually only means liability coverage (if you cream someone and it's your fault), uninsured motorist coverage (if some uninsured yahoo creams you) and comprehensive (coverage if your vehicle is damaged in some other way like hail or stolen). But you need to inquire what your insurance limits are. If you wipe out a family of four but only have $25K limits (common in many states), your "full" coverage will be instantly exhausted and your house (or your family's house for the minors out there) will likely be attached as an asset to pay court judgements for the damages you've caused. So, everyone with "full" coverage, check with your agent to find out your policy limits!

I'll give you a Canadian perspective.

I'm 44, been driving since 16. Totally clean record. Professional driver (class 1, tractor trailer on down).

'00 F-350, Liability, comprehensive, collision $1086/yr = $90.50/month.

'94 X, Liability and comprehensive only $698/yr = $58.17/month.

You guys have some really good deals in some areas when you take your ages and driving experience into account. Some of the prices aren't so hot though but that seems region related.

im 22 and in the last 18 months ive had: a 4 point ticket, a 5 point ticket, a hearing, a trial, a 15 day license suspension, i had to take that "safety test" because i had too many points, and i had my family get dropped by our insurance company. im now on my own plan, with the title to my truck in my name (used to be on my dads plan with the title in his name), and i pay $1200/year for complete coverage...thats right, just $1200 for COMPLETE coverage :D

I'm 18 and pay $410 (cdn) a month. No tickets and no at fult wrecks.

hornz u guys pay too much im 16 clean record only 120 a month on the x

My mom paid about $3900 for full coverage on me (3 yrs ago when I was 16) I've had 2 bad accidents but not my fault and no speeding tickets, now I'm 19 and I don't know the exact amount she pays now but she said it dropped a little scince I went to college. Also she just traded in her 97' Mounty for a new one and her insurance dropped $120 every 6 months. Not a big deal but I would have thought it went up since it's a newer car.

My grandfather owns an Allstate Insurance office and he also said it all depends on where you live, what car, driving record ect. ect. When I was in highschool my friend was 16 with a 94' Corvette and with full coverage his insurance was only about $310 a month, slightly cheaper than my x.

Mustang...correction..I don't pay too much by dad does...It is TRUE comprehensive coverage however.

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I, thats me, not my parents, I am 19, clean record, no accidents or tickets, drive a 92 xplorer and pay $136 a month for full coverage.