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How much performance out of 302 throttle body?


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September 26, 2009
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Yelm Washington
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1992 Explorer XLT 4x4
Ive heard of the throttle body from a 302 would fit on my 4.0 92 explorer motor. I was wondering, since i couldnt find it on the site, How much power or performance does this give to my engine? I currently have a custom K&N air intake soon to go to a snorkel, gutted cats, resonator delete, flowmaster super 44 series muffler and a transmission out of a 96 explorer with **** kit ( Automatic) it also has 29 inch mud king XT tires on 15 inch american racing outlaw II wheels

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The stock MAF housing is a worse bottle neck then the stock TB. IMHO I don't think you'd see much gain at all without going to a big bore MAF first.

It doesn't bolt on.

So there is 0 performance to be gained.

But you SHOULD take your MAF electronics out of the factory MAF body, and install them into a 95+ MAF Body......4.0L and 5.0L had the same BODY, so any 95+ MAF body would work....just swap your original electronics into it...


And just an FYI.. the snorkel will kill performance. It's like trying to breathe through a straw...

KPSquared....prove it.

I guess I can't "prove" anything. I have played with a couple of home brew snorkels in the past and found that unless they were a straight shot with a big pipe and not a lot of bends, the motor really had to work hard to get air. Less power, worse mileage.

The nice spanky off the shelf ones for Jeeps and such have almost a straight shot to the air box, and it seems like a lot of the DIY ones you see on here are just a lot of bends with small pipe.

I'm no engineer, I don't know how to calculate airflow, but it makes sense in my head that if you have to suck air from 4 feet further away down a long tube, you're gonna have a harder time getting the volume needed than compared to say a cone filter stuck right on the intake.

There would be a plus to the cold air part of the snorkel for sure though.

I may be completely out to lunch, but I think it's more work to get that air from the top of the truck, down a bunch of 2" ABS and then through a dryer hose before it hits the intake...

I guess I could ask you the same thing... prove that it doesn't.

(Oh and Spdrcer34, a post like your "prove it" is more often than not just going to get a "lick my balls, ****** bag" response. Don't know if you intended to come across like a complete ass hat, but you did...)


I'm not sure if the length of the intake tube matters so much ( within reason ) as far as the capability to suck air is concerned... its more about atmospheric pressure, or something to that effect, and the smoothness of the interior surface... I think... I wish I would have paid more attention in those emissions classes...

Yes. My response was supposed to sound condescending. Because that is what I wanted to sound like.

I didn't make the statement claiming it would HURT performance. You did.

I also didn't refute your statement with facts or figures claiming otherwise. I just said for you to prove it. It's a simple test really. You take 1 vehicle, put it on a Dynomometer, do 3 pulls with the Stock Airbox on, and then 3 more with the Snorkel installed. If you can't do that, OR if you can't show me where someone else did that, with facts to prove your statement...well, then you really aren't helping anyone with your snide comments.


Spdrcer34 - I believe the only snide comments I made is that you're an ass hat and you can suck it... other than that, most of what I put was just trying to explain where my statement came from.

I definately could have made my statement a lot more clear. As far as I know, with my limited knowledge, and a bit of trial and error (no Dyno at my disposal...) a poorly designed and built DIY snorkel can have a negative effect on performance (seat of the pants) and mileage (actual calculations from my rig).

I do know however, that a properly designed snorkel can increase mileage and performance.

Most guys on here are going to be building a snorkel from scratch, and possibly building one that will hamper performance.

If something I've stated is maybe wrong, or doesn't agree with what you think or know, then just ask... don't gotta be a #####. Apparently that's a hard concept for you.

I will gladly retract my original statement and replace it with the clarification that I have made in the last couple of posts.

That fact that you're a complete ******...remains.

I have a couple comments about the snorkel.. KPSquared is somewhat right about the engine working harder to get air through a snorkel with the same diameter pipe as a cold air intake system. The engineering proof is that all pipes have friction on the surface of the pipe wall. The longer the pipe the more friction, and yes air can be affected by this. To over come the friction affects the snorkle must be a larger diameter pipe than the cold air intake. To add to that the number of bends in a pipe have even a greater affect on the friction in the pipe. More bends = more friction. The bends and interior friction of the pipe create disruptions in the air flow consequently slowing the air down. This is why you will see the quality aftermarket air intakes with as few bends as possible and a nice smooth interior surface.

Now all the engineering aside. As long as the snorkel is at least as big of diameter as the cold air intake and just as smooth with few as bends as possible, the performance difference should be negligible due to such a small difference in air flow with a distance of say 6-8' max we are talking about here.

Hey guys, I dont have a factory air box. I have a custom air intake with a K&N cone filter. The snorkel piping will have one bend, 2 at most. The snorkel piping will match the Custom intake tubing. and i am not sure how long it will be. It will be roof height. thanks for your guys info.

Debate 101:

Name calling while having a discussion on differing of opinions causes the offending party to lose any and all credibility. You are better off ignoring the comment, and/or redirecting the conversation. Either of those 2 options will help get your point across much better than resulting to name calling, and use of profanities.

Maybe you should reconsider your tactics in trying to get your point across. People may actually listen.

And back to the topic at hand.....The over all length of the intake tube is less than 6'. Depending on the engine, there is no less than 3 bends. Including the 'head' on top of the tube. There is not enough difference in surface area of the tube to see any differences. Maybe if the tube was 2x that length, with 3 more bend in it would you even start to have a measurable difference ON A DYNO. But in the real world, with air being force fed into the snorkel.....any and all decrease in performance will be off-set, and then some.


Thank you everyone for your input I greatly appreciate it. I have got 2 pieces of pvc pipe. One is a long straight piece the other is a 90 degree elbow that I will figure out a way to make work. The PVC is 3 inches around i believe. I will have to measure it again.