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How much play on input shaft of M5R1?


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April 30, 2009
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I got my junkyard tranny sitting in the garage and money is getting super tight. I'm thinking of presure washing it and selling it for what I spent on it, $60 and putting the money into parts for the one in the rig. The input shaft has about 1/16 of play in it. Was wondering if this is normal? Would like to be able to tell a buyer that it is if it's not a problem or point it out to them if it is. Thanks!

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Mine did that too. I'm not sure if its supposed to or not. Its in pieces right now, waiting on parts to come in.

I'm thinking they all have some play in them then after being used. I wouldn't say it's more defective than any used tranny. I'm going to try and sell it on craigslist. Make like $20 for pulling it and if it doesn't sell it gets returned. I'm running out of money and am just going to fix whatever is wrong on mine.

I'm running out of money and am just going to fix whatever is wrong on mine.

Good luck. I just ordered $500 in parts for mine :rolleyes:

The $200 bearing/seal/syncro kit doesn't have any of the needle bearings the gears ride on.

This was one of my needle bearings. I forget which one, it had something to do with 5th or reverse:

This is an almost $100 bumbleclot. 5th countershaft gear:

Here is an almost $70 bumbleclot. Its the reverse side of the 5-R slider, extremly cropped for detail:

Wow! Dang things cost some $$$. But much cheaper than a new rig.

Yeah that was the thought process I went though.

Other than worn spiders in the rear my truck doesn't have any issues. Not going to find a truck that runs as well for $500.