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How Much should be spent on a kids first car?

How Much was your first Car?

  • Under $1000

    Votes: 84 25.9%
  • $1001-$3500

    Votes: 100 30.9%
  • $3501-$6000

    Votes: 55 17.0%
  • $6001-$10000

    Votes: 39 12.0%
  • Above $10000

    Votes: 46 14.2%

  • Total voters
my first car is the car i have now, 2001 x sport 84K, $9300, but what my parents did was whatever i raise they match and then they gave me a loan, so i raised aprox $2500 myself and they matched that making it $5k but then the deal is i have the $4k loan on hold, that if i make a 4.0 or higher when im finished with highschool(sophomore now still got that 4.0 :D )i dont pay anything, and whatever percent my GPA is under 4.0 i have to pay a certain amount of the loan, i think its a great deal, so i had to work hard to get the money for my car, and i have to work hard for my schoolwork, since i paid for some of it(which took a lot of effort ot make that money aorund school and sports w/out a car)i take care of it, wash it diligently change oil, etc, i think its a great deal;)

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HOLY CRAP 84k on a 01? my 96 only has 83 on

I am 19 and i know for a fact that the amount of money for a kids first car should be whatever they earn. My parents didnt give me any money for my ex i had to do what normal people do and work my ass off for 3 years until i could get my first car. Trust me itll prepare your kids to take car of things and let them know how things get done in the real world.

my parents matched what i made and i bought my first suv. my 92 4 door 4x4 explorer cost me 3500 and it has 248000km on it. ive only had it a few months and i love it to death (i havent even drove it because i have no insurance for at least anouther month) ive killed about half a tank of gas not even going anywhere (its winter so i want to stay warm when im sitting in it) if i had money i would already have changed all the fluids and did a greasing of all joints just to be safe (most of the underhood hoses were all falling off because of poor matenence from preveous owner so my faith in the rest is in the gutter) even with the little money i have i figured changing my air filter and spark plugs was a good idea (it was)the spark plugs musta had 100000km on them. the gap was huge from wear and one of the plugs insulator was gone. i want to keep it for the rest of my life ( a ha ha ha i hope)

1st car 1983 old Tornado car sat for 10 years you can figure out my hell$1200
2nd 1995 Beretta Z26 4 different colors 2 where primer $1000
3rd which is actually the first THAT I own is my 99 Ex grandparent bought it new in 98 it was supposed to be $2500 But it ended up being free for my
18th bday im 20 now n i dont think ill ever get rid of it

Raised that one from the dead, thou apparently I did the same a few years ago. Never did say what I thought thou so...

I figure the same as ALLOUT somewhat, the first car shouldnt be bought for the kid unless they really deserve it (If your getting honors towards your college/university education and behaving/respecting people) Otherwise to fast food with ye! It'll only make them appreciate the vehicle they get. Matching the earned money from the teen towards the first vehicle adds incentive thou my parents said that without thinking i'd raise too much so when I showed up with 1700 bucks they kinda went "Ah crap!"

I worked for half of my first vehicle and enjoyed/respected it (Until the second tranny dropped out, then I chopped off the roof and flogged it with first and fourth gear) You'll never respect something thats given to you without earning it in some way

lol i didnt even notice the date it came up on a search i did n i just started reading hahaha

I spent $1500 for my daughters first far.

She was 11 when I bought it. Now she is 13.

It is a 1967 Mustang. She has been working on it. Spending her money for parts. And we are building it together.


My first was an 85 AMC Eagle wagon. Bought it myself for $350 and drove it and saved up until I got a better job. Then bought a 03 Neon for $6k and put down half myself and loaned the other half from my parents. Scrimped my money and paid them back within 4 months.

When the day comes that I have kids I will not buy them a car, even if I was a millionaire. I would help with a loan but it better be paid back in the time frame I set or I'm taking it back and selling it.

Your first car needs to be earned.

i think there shouldnt be any amount spent in my case i worked and saved for a summer and have paid for every bit of my 97x

My first car was a 1971 pontiac catalina. In the two years in high school I doubled the miles on it 23,000 to 46,000. then I got an 86 ranger. I put 160,000 miles on it. I was always nice to it never abused it and never ran it hard.

My kid's first car if things go right will be a 2004 chevy truck. Right now it has 185,000 miles on it. Seeing how I don't have a kid yet they better become a good mechanic cause who knows how many miles will be on it in 17 plus years.

i had to buy my explorer, parents gave me nothing

My first ride was my first Explorer, the '91 E-Bow. $600

My first car is my 2001 Explorer. It was given to me by my mom; worth probably about $7500 at the time. It went down on kelley blue book from last year; probably with CARS program, age, and the fact that it's a gas guzzler.

My second car is my 1995 Toyota Camry coupe. Bought it from my dad for $2000 over the summer, even though it was worth a bit more. He got it from a friend last year who maintained it very well. It rides great and now it's my daily driver while the explorer is used for camping, buying or transporting large material, and occasional drives around town on nice days.

A first car for a new driver probably should probably cost up to $6000. plus or minus. It is very likely that they will get into an accident with it because of carelessness and lack of experience so they shouldn't have something too expensive like the ones who I see driving BMW's and Audi's to school.

I, unlike most new drivers, take care of both of my cars, even though I am 17. Not many do take care of them, but I feel a car that is well taken care of will last longer and you'll tend to be more cautious with it.


Just because of where I live and how many new teen drivers die (actually any drivers, 6 deaths in the last year on a road 2 minutes from my house) I would probably be spending $6K-10K just to make sure that they had something that was safe and reliable. I would however make them pay for the maintence and tell them if they dont keep up with it and ruin the car they are SOL,

My first car was my explorer I bought it from my uncle for 600$ I drove the crap out of it at first, but my parents always made me pay for the repairs, so that calmed me down real quick, drove it till I got hit by an innatentive driver, me and my brother also have a 92 Mustang LX that we each paid half for. now I drive an 01 Ranger

my first car is my 94 expo. paid 1500 for it

My first car is my 94 explorer got it from my older brother in non-op he said i could have it if i could make it run and i worked and payed for every part that had to be replaced

my first car is my 94 x. i paid 1600 cash for her from my neghibor. :)

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