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How much time do (or did) you spend on homework?


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I was just wondering because sometimes I'm really good and spend some quality time on homework and really understand the subject and other times I wait till the last minute and do a really crappy job but still pull off a half decent grade. If you could just say what grade you're in or what year in college and what subjects you spend the most time working on that would be cool. The other reason I'm asking is, I'm always wanting to do something else other than homework but then I don't feal good if I do because I know my homework isn't getting done but I dread to go and do it beacause in the harder subjects for me such as Chemistry or History it takes me a while to read through everything and it seems like I'm wasting time just starring at the book for an hour and not even understanding it. It just makes me so pissed off sometimes that all I ever do is homework and when I'm not I'm always thinking about getting it done, getting, a good grade and understanding it. Even now I'm supposed to be doing my stupid chemistry but I got frustrated and decided to look around this site for a while. I wish I could just come home from school everyday and do my homework and get it out of the way for the whole day but it never happens. Then I spend my whole weekend catching up and never do anything fun. F#@#F@#!#$^!@$%&^@$%^@$%&@$

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I am a senior in high school. What works the best (at least for me) is to spend about twenty minutes studying each subject per night, even if there is no homework for that subject that day. By doing this, you can better retain what you learn. All you have to do is a little per night, and you won't have to cram the night before a test. Also, try not to stare at a book for an hour at a time. This is very counterproductive. Read for about 15-20 minutes per sitting, and then take a three or four minute break. Most students only have a 20 minute attention span anyway. After the break, read for another twenty minutes, and take notes as you go, so that you can actually remember what it is that you read.

Don't be afraid to ask your teacher for help either. That is why they are there. If you are struggling, set up a meeting with him or her for a morning or afternoon and tell him/her exactly what you are having trouble with.

I have a full course load this semester (15 credits) but Ihave 3 labs with full write ups due every week, so most of my work is in the labs. I don't spend a whole lot of time "studying" in my room, but rather, I spend it learning by doing in the labs. I would say outside of class, I spend 2-3 hours wrapping up work every night.

in high school i never had to take homework home...

the teachers usually lectured all class period after giving the assignment so i just did the homework while they talked, if i didnt finish it i would come in early the next morning, sit in the hall by my locker and finish it up....

there was even one teacher that gave us an assignment then read the answers back to us the next day so i just waited til she read the answers :) she even did that with a few tests

college on the other hand is a whole different story....if you dont have homework in college then you're doing something wrong.... i almost always had some type of C++ lesson to complete and other type of networking homework problems to solve

I'm carrying 20 credits this semester at PSU. I find it best to study a little every nught (15-20 mins) for the classes for the next day. It makes studying for exams much easier since you only need to focus on the newest information before the exam.

I like to do projects and such the day i get them so they are done and i don't have to worry about them.
I also am very bad about reading. I rarely read a entire book but i have a computer programming class this semester and i have to read the whole book. Which isn't that bad cause i don't mind the topics

what mo_guy said..
high school.. never took a book home. not once. didn't even have a book bag at school!

college.. hah.. completely different after my first quarter's GPA was cruising way under the radar. after that.. i would study/work anywhere from 1hr to all night the night before projects or tests. i was one of those that would rather loose about 3 nights during the quarter, but have every other one to do whatever i wanted.
when senior thesis stuff rolled around i had to work a lot more. that was pain time.

I just spent 3 hours and change wrapping up a VB program to compute mortgage rates, wow is alls I can say! Whoever said college was all drinking and sex was wrong!

In high school, I did whatever was necessary and as little as possible and came out with a perfect GPA. In college, I have found that the less I try the better I do. I have 19 hours right now in college Only 3 of those are a lab and I also have a independent study I am working on. If I think I did really ****ty work, I usually do pretty well on it. Sometimes for my Biology, anatomy and genetics classes I will read over the material the night before class, but for all other subjects the only time I crack the damn book is the night before the exam. I usually study about 2 hours for all other subjects not relating to my major. For all of my bio, anatomy, chemistry, physics, etc. classes I usually have a small study group I am apart of and we will pull a cram session the night before the test for about 4-5 hours. It hasn't failed me yet(3.87 GPA) For all of you high school guys out there, college is much harder than high schooll. The lucky part is that there is not much homework in college, I would rather have a lot of free time and work really hard the day before, than study all the time.

Highschool I pretty much never took anything home and didnt study outside of study hall.

College hasnt been a whole lot different really. I take notes in class and thats about it. I glance over notes, then anything I marked in notes I read over in the book.
Despite havin some real *******s for teachers here and there I'm still cruisin with a 3.5 or so in my second year.

Not one single time did i study in High School, the first 2 years of college i didnt study all that much, no i study about 2-3 hours a day. SUCKS

I do almost no homework right now. And I'm a high school senior taking the IB. Go figure :confused:

This thread is depressing. I like not putting any work in at all and getting back good results :(

Sigh, not next year...

Homework....... What is that???????

I'm a pre-med Junior at UNR and all I have to say, enjoy your first two years at college because they're more fun than they are hard. For example, chem 101 and 101lab are genuinely fun-that all changes with organic and physical chemistry. I literally write 32 pages of post lab analysis for my weekly ochem lab. Pchem actually gives me nightmares!!!:eek: Just do your homework right when you get home, and study moderately a week in advance. Once close to the exam date (2-3 days) study excessively to the point where you can recite every page of notes while in the shower. It works for me...sometimes :D
3.93 GPA and almost done, now I just have to take the mCAT :thumbdwn:
Happy studying!

One last thing, Diablo5969, which year are into the IB program, have you taken the IB trig/Calc exam? What IB courses are you taking?

For some reason I have been putting off this semesters homework and studying like you wouldnt believe. The only class I am doing good in right now is Criminal Law. The rest I just cant get myself to study at all. I really need to get back into shape because if I keep this up I will fail my other classes. And since Im paying out of state tuition, that isnt a good thing. Classes are expensive enough the first time around.

Originally posted by DaHeinah
One last thing, Diablo5969, which year are into the IB program, have you taken the IB trig/Calc exam? What IB courses are you taking?

I'm a senior. Just 2 more months til exams, it's f**king scary, but oh well. I'll survive.

Haven't taken any of my exams yet. But in May I'll be taking exams for English A1 high, Spanish B high, geography high, French B sub, physics sub, and math studies.

Did you take it?

Are you just learning VB?
what version are you using?

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Sophomore... VT ME. Here's my course load...

Differential equations, thermodynamics, dynamics, mechanics of deformable bodies, german, electronic theory....

Very fun.. wait no... I've gotten myself into waaay too much stuff outside of classes too, so I spend my life in front of this damn computer (when I have free time its on this website).