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How much time do (or did) you spend on homework?

I study about 3 hrs a day (weekdays), but I am no genius!!

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all i can say is god bless community college. i do about 2 hours of homeword a week, total , with a full class load. next semester when i transfer to a fulltime school it wont be the same though.

I do about 3-5 hours of homework a night, and then before exams its crunch time like a mother fawker. I learned from last semester and I'm doin quite a bit better. oh yea btw, im a freshman engineer. Right now my math is probably the most rigourous..but thank god you dont have to write many essays in engineering

Depends on the night... Got TV to watch, naps to take, workin out... With most my classes being 300+ level, it's lots of reading for me now... I don't like reading :) I'm done at 11 on fridays, so usually I head of to the library and catch up on lots of reading... I'm sure if I spent more time, I'd do better...

Originally posted by RFR2212
I'm sure if I spent more time, I'd do better...

Yeah, that's the story of my high school career...:rolleyes:

I was an IB student in high school as well. To be completely honest, I only took three IB exams: IB Bio, IB Trig, and IB English- All were really easy. Don't stress it, just take some past IB exams and study what you have difficulty with. I got 6's on all of the exams, (Damn-no 7's :D ). Don't stress it, you'll do fine.
I heard the IB physics is exceptionally easy.
Unfortunately, my University didn't give me any credit for my exams, except for IB English...remedial english, not even english 101!!!!!!:( :mad: :( :mad: :( :mad:
C'est sera...

Yeah, I guess I'm not too afraid of the IB exams. I'll just focus on the other aspect of this situation: My last day of high school classes is April 25th :D

Where did you take the IB?

Originally posted by diablo5969
My last day of high school classes is April 25th :D

Damn, what high school do you go to?

ah yesterday i did HW for 10 mins for all my classes and today it was like 30-45 mins. everyday is like that! i take honor classes and they aren't easy all the time.

What are IB classes? I know of AP classes where you have to take a test at the end of the year and CC (college credit), but never heard of IB. Hey espnfreak, what kind of engineer do you want to be? I'm enroll for the engineering department starting in the fall and am leaning towards mechanical or structural. Hopefully something to do with cars.:cool:

IB classes are classes in the International Baccalaureate program. It's a two-year worldwide standardized class system. Here's the IB's website if you were curious. It's been called the hardest high school curriculum in the world, and most university's look at it as higher than AP.

My last day of classes is April 25th, however I have exams starting May 2nd that last til May 20th. The exams are cumulative over the past two years of studies, and are officially a ***** to pass.

diablo5969- I went to Wooster High school in Reno, NV. Great high school
Good luck on your exams and your college career! (College is much better than high school)

Thanks! I can't wait til college. I did a pre-college program at Brown last summer, and after that little "preview" of college life I can't wait til the real thing :D

i spend jsut enough time to do it
which usily is 5 mins b4 its due

maybe thats why i have a C C D and F hmmmmm

ok i think im gunna start doing home work hehe


In high school, I did no studying whatsoever. The harder I studied the worse I did, so I didn't do very much and got a 3.7.

But now in college, it is total opposite. I haven't quite figured it out. It's hard to start studying my ass of while not studying for 4 years. Now it seems I'm not doing very well in my classes and i'm just pulling off a 3.2:(