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how much trans fluid is to much????


May 23, 2006
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"92 XLT
I, was just wondering how much trans fluid is to much and would to much cause any irregalarities in the way the trans shifts like the way mine is shifting in the morning when i first start the ex it seems to move fine but when i go to accelerate it stays in first and whines out up to 3500,and after about 3min it finally shifts to 2nd,3rd and so on (yes it is auto) but after the warm up poiod it runs quite fine im only asking about the trans fluid because i usually put a little more than required because i have three trans coolers installed after going threw two trans in less than a year! i really would like to hear from any of you who might be so kind to respond thanks alot ...

Quite possibly a sticking governor..... fluid usage, if not leaking, could possibly be a bad vacuum modulator.
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hey glacier991, thanks for the quick response i was hoping for a response from the king of transmissions ive read alot of your replys and you do know your s--t! thanks again ill let you know what i find ill post it then ......

Just remember I have often been wrong. I just call em as I see em. (but thanks for the kind words)