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I got the front mount drilled out today, I had to use carbide to get a hole started.

Body Lift is officially complete. All that remains is to re-install the front bumper cover.

Here’s that mount, torqued to 41 ft lbs, with a lock washer and loctite.


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Bumper cover back on, and test drive complete. Everything seems fine. I also had time to change a ball joint and install my bull bar. Hoping to wire up the LED bar this weekend.

I will change the drivers front upper as well, the boot is pretty much gone, but no slop in the joint yet. The passengers side was shot, so much slop and clunk that I stopped driving the X until I changed it.

Just Incase anyone was following, I finished the rest of the suspension work, and got my new tires on.

3” PA883 Body Lift, 2” of Spacer Lift, 265/75/16 Centennial Dirt Commanders.


Man good looking set up. Hope it's been holding up.Thanks for the write up hoping to get to do mine within the year.keep us updated.

Thanks for posting this thread. I have had hell trying to find a good setup with the lift I am wanting. This is perfect!!

So just a follow up, it’s been almost 7 months now of daily driving and this truck is a blast. It’s great on the State Forest trails, and a beast in the snow. The truck gets a lot of compliments, and I haven’t yet seen another lifted Explorer in the area.

On the downside, gas mileage stinks but that was to be expected. I also had the intermediate servo in the tranny fail, but that was a pretty easy fix and doubtfully related to the lift. I do however hear a groan from the right front wheel bearing so I guess I’ll change them both in the spring, along with new lower ball joints.

Here’s my ‘before and after” shot:


Does anybody know what the lengths of the bolts in the 3” kit are?

will measure extra bolts that I have in shop and post later today .