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How to add backup camera and bigger screen


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June 28, 2021
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2015 ford explorer base
Hi I have a 2015 ford explorer base and I want to add a backup camera and a bigger screen currently there is a small screen that doesn't display much.
what camera can i use and what type or what stereo/screen can i use? Also can a camera be used with the smaller screen i think 4 inch?

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I believe those equipped with the 4" screen and rearview camera have the image displayed in the rearview mirror.
Are you looking at OEM equipment or aftermarket? I think for the camera you may be better off with some kind of aftermarket unit.
Here is the OEM camera; 2011-2015 Ford Rear Camera EB5Z-19G490-A | Auto Nation Ford White Bear Lake but you'd have to have a mounting point and possibly wiring. Found the following using the 'Search' feature. Do you have Sync?


I replaced my '16 Platinum Sync 2 with a Sync 3 system from a more recent vehicle. Cost about $300 for the screen and APM (I think that's the name, it's the brains of the operation) from an online junk yard parts place, plus like $50 for the programming from here Sync Programming. I know you can go farther back and do this, just not sure if you can do it if you didn't have the bigger touchscreen in the first place. This might be worth looking into, there's a lot out there, just gotta do a good bit of research to get the correct part #'s and such.