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How to: Auxilary/offroad lites

...this is a compilation with pics of parts, and including links to the best info on how to install lights i have seen...if you take the time to read this and the following links, your answers to your lighting questions will be found...;)

Lighting FAQ's and ANSWERS

How to: Add secondary fuse panel

and this thread has a bunch of info too...;)

..Post pics of your Lights...:D

For clarification purpose's, these lights are to be wired up as:

4- 55 watt lights = 2 pairs...
1 pair = 2 - lights per 1 switch, and each pair on their own relay


...this is a pic of all that is needed for 4 lites = 2 sets

...these lights were bought on sale at harbor freight for 7.50 a pair and they include 2 55 watt halogen lites with wiring and 1 switch...note the pack of 14' of convoluted tubing , 1/4" split seam flex guard underneath the light package...this was bought at fry's electronics for 2.29 a pack...

...this is a pic of the contents of the lite pack and if you look you can see the inline fuse in the wire...

...these are the very important relays and i got these at pep boy's for 4.99 each...

...And I borrowed this basic schematic from Derocha...It . and other useful info can be found in the third link above..;)


...btw, you can buy all kinds of different switches at most auto parts store's from 3.99 to 10.99... as you read the above links they will tell you of wiring sizes, they also have wiring diagrams, and about any question you can think to ask, they've already answered...good luck and have fun...:D

...Basic High Amp Alternator info...

..If after adding a bunch of lights properly and or stereo equipment, (and your voltage is dipping down and/or your lights begin dimming), then your voltage regulator cannot keep up with the demand already, Your Alternator may be going south... A higher amp alt like a 160 amp will keep you running at idle as it spins more rpm's than the stock 95 or 130 amp alt( the 130 amp alternator's came stock on "Limited" models)...IIRC, your vehicle normally requires 80-85 amps before the addition of stereo's, lights, etc...

...I am at idle often with all my lights on and heater, stereo, etc. on our night runs...Before I swapped out my stock 95 amp alt I would loose charging when going downhill on long grades with just my normal lights on due to, to low of rpm's....Now I can have all my regulars lights, heater, stereo, 4- 55watt and one 100 watt rock lights, and 2-100 watt Pilots, cb, etc., running at the same time with no problem, even on long idles when someone breaks down on trail...

...Here are a couple pics of my stock 95 amp and my 160 amp alternator's


...There are some higher amp alt's out there with stock size pulley's and they too will let your lights dim while at idle...I found mine with the overdrive pulley on it and it resolves that problem...

...The upside is you have plenty of amperage all the time...:biggthump

...The down side is they do spin faster thus they will wear out quicker...Higher amp Alternators cost about $220 and up new...The cheapest I can find to have it rebuilt in my area is $120 with a 1 year warranty...Next best price was $170...

...If you do purchase a higher amp alternator that has the overdrive pulley (smaller) on it, your standard serpentine belt is 71"...When you go to the parts store there are 2 listings for the serpentine belt for the 91-94 X...One with one alternator = 71" standard, and one with 2 alternators = 68"...The one for the 2 alternator's 68", will fit perfect as the new replacement belt...I do not know the sizes for the second Gen X's though..:dunno:

...You should also upsize your Alternator wiring to handle the Higher Amp Alternator..;)

...I hope this will help...:biggthump:

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This would be a good sticky!

...thanks, the first link shown is already a sticky and nobody takes the time to read has so much info i had to include it...:thumbsup:

Yeah, the only problem is not enough people read the stickies :confused:

...hopefully now they will get read...:D

...i just noticed that it now has become a sticky....thanks to the powers that be...:thumbsup:

Being read

Excellent! It's going to be a nice addition. I'm going through the links right now... :thumbsup:

New rock lights? or replacements for the rear lights?

...the rears are fine like they are, they just keep hitting big rocks anyways, lol...i just bought the stuff cause it was cheap and on sale...:p:

wow, four 55 watt lights?

55w x 4 = 220

220w/12v = 18.3 amps

i ran the stock navajo on a vat45 and did a laod draw test and an alt test.

car idleing with no accessorys on = 50 amps

with all accessorys on (a/c, high beams, stereo etc.) 80 amps

full feilded the alt = 93 amps

so if i were to run these rocklights and two 100w daylighters, i wouldn't really be able to run any other accessorys

100w x 2 = 200w
55w x 4 = 220w

220w+200 = 420w
420w/12v = 35amps

35 amps used for lights + 50 amps used for basic driving/running = 85amps

...i am actually running 5 rocklights...;) could also look into a higher amperage alternator...:D

i want to look into finding some neon lights, but brighter than maniaks

...i'm pretty sure maniak's lites are flourescent's...;)

well thas what i meant, but "neon" was easier to spell haha. i want like what maniak has, but brighter. his only use about 2 amps

thanks for this thread, Ted. the third link up there really helped me out :salute:

...i'm glad you got to use it...that thread was to good to pass up...;) are you running flourescents or adding offroad lights???

Well i took the rock lite but after THaven this year. I love it. I only have 2 up front so far but ill have 7 when im done lol

...rock lites are the best for night runs...the only thing is , you need to get used to the glow around you when your running thru the

...they came in handy when the were welding my truck up out there too...;)

just the kc daylighters so far. but now i know how to hook up rock lights when i get some.

i just straight wired mine may i ask what the relay is used for?

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...You can find the answer in both the first and third link posted above..Good Luck with your project...:D