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How to clean mass air flow sensor


August 16, 2001
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Pittsburgh, PA
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1997 XLT
After off roading I think I got the mass air flow sensor dirty. How do I clean it and with what? The car idles for about 20 minutes o.k. and cuts out. Also, when I give it gas it bogs down and tries to stall. Does this sound like the MAF? Anything else I should look for.


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Sounds like it could also be your IAC.

I'm stupid. What and where is the IAC? Thanks.

Yup, more likely it's the IAC if it causes a stall. Mine got wrecked in Moab and needed to be replaced. In combo with my supercharger, the howl it caused through the air cleaner was almost unbearable. You can actually hear it in the Moab video if you listen for it :rolleyes:

Anyway the IAC is a smallish cylinger mounted to the intake manifold with 2 bolts and with a harness attached. Try cleaning it with O2 safe carb cleaner. It doesn't sound that bad, a cleaning should do the trick and it shouldn't need replacing.